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My wedding recap

I've lurked more than posted, but I do feel like I know some of you, and thought I'd check in. Love looking at all the wedding recaps and pics so far. I know a few of you have your big date this weekend...all I can say is ENJOY. A few things most likely will go slightly awry -- that's just how it is-- but don't let that ruffle you. From my own experience and reading other posts, I'd say have someone else learn how to bustle your dress besides your Mom, and have it bustled at a good moment after the ceremony. I had at least 6 hands on my dress at one point trying to figure it out and I could barely stand still for long enough for anyone to actually get it done correctly. (Did make for some fabulous pics though-- all these ladies of all ages on their knees around me trying to bustle up the darn thing.) 

My day was both absolutely perfect and somewhat stressful. Most of my guests said it was the most amazing and joyous wedding they'd ever been to. And I was pretty darn happy, but the caterer/wedding day coordinator let A LOT of things slide (some big and some small) and I found myself stressing out.  Things like candle sticks for ceremony never made it to the ceremony, but instead were on our reception table. Hors d'hoeuvres were wrong-- it was supposed to be dairy/fish/veg to respect the kosher folk in my family and yet the first set of hors d'hoeuvres were meat. Service was so slow that 4-1/4 hours in, folks were JUST getting their entrees and many folks had to leave before eating, etc etc. But the day was beautiful. The ceremony was everything I had dreamed of. The flowers were gorgeous, the band was fabulous, as was the food, I married the most wonderful man, and we were surrounded by the most amazing loving group of family and friends, who couldn't be more happy to celebrate with us.

Here's a few pics from the hundreds we are peeling through from photographer and friends.

Re: My wedding recap

  • I love the picture of you getting your bustle done. What an awesome picture. It looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. I don't get for two more days and I'm working on the being stress free part.
  • It's not going to be stress free. You've planned so long and it means so much. But I think the big thing is letting go. For example, I had a hard time letting go of the fact that my Mom and I were confused at how the "aisle went" (it was outside and we sort of had to come around before getting to the actual aisle, and my Mom was only walking me half way and my cousin was going to walk her the rest and my F was supposed to meet me and walk me to the "chuppah," but it got all screwed up and she really ended up just walking me TO the aisle). It's a silly thing, but it was big for me. She still "gave me away," and the wedding was still beautiful and all the photos reflect that. But I was STILL stewing over this on the honeymoon. Absurd. I just couldnt let it go. In the grand scheme of things, it really didnt make a difference. Almost anything that happens is like that -- it's how you deal with it. 

  • Absolutely beautiful!  Thanks for posting and Congratulations!!

    I need to figure out how to deal with mishaps.  I know something will go wrong and I really don't see how I will be able to keep it together.  I'm an emotional train wreck lately and I'm also the type to stew over something going wrong so lets hope nothing does!!
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  • Congratulations!  Beautiful photos!
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  • Congratulations beautiful Mrs!
  • Beautiful! Congrats!
  • You look beautiful!! Love your dress and veil! Congrat's on being a Mrs.!!

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