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Saturday Checks!

Anyone have any?

-sent in documents to church (muisc planner, liturgy planner, etc)
-gave reading to sister and petitions to brother
-emailed music planner to cantor and will send to pianist when I get his email address

Now all I have to do is meet with the priest marrying us and get our marriage license! 

Re: Saturday Checks!

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    Wow! You accomplished a lot Katelyn!

    I finally found the paper and markers I want to use for my scrapbook guestbook!  I have been looking forever and I found exactly what I was looking for.

    That's my only check but since my bachelorette party was last night I guess that's a lot to have accomplished :)
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    Not much today, but I did purchase a photo mat at Michael's for our guests to sign.  I've also been slicing up wine corks today for our escort card holders, so far have 8 more cut.
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    Not too much WR stuff done today. Finished the cake topper and finalized our music for the harpist to play during the ceremony. 

    I kind of feel like I'm behind or at a stand still lately and the days are flying by! 
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    FI and I picked our cupcake flavors and I e-mailed our choices to the baker.

    I contacted our florist about a day to drop off our supplies.

    I printed out all of the material for our guest "book" - which are more like advice cards.  I did 5 different cards for guests to fill out and an "instruction" sheet that I'll frame and put on the table.  I would love to share what I did, but TK isn't letting me PIP now Undecided
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    I moved stuff around in the basement so we have room to put our shower stuff tomorrow.
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    - Cake tasting done and finalized; the most delicious part of wedding planning I might add.

    - Entire WP is completely outfitted, dresses paid for and alterations in process.

    - Planned the RD from start to finish; only missing the start time.

    My bridal shower is tomorrow!
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    We got our invitations sent out on Wednesday, but I haven't had a chance to come and post, so - belated check! Yay!
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    Had our first alterations appt (and met Katie)

    FI's daughter, one of my BM (she's only 11)

    My Aunt, another BM

    I missed the opportunity to get a pic of FSIL, another BM

    Here's my niece, my MOH

    My mom

    And finally, ME (disregard my funny faces)

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    travistanyatravistanya member
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    I've never done this before but here goes:
    This week's checks:

    Invites mailed!! - 3 back already :)
    Corsette bought
    Table skirts purchased
    Garters ordered from Etsy
    Little purses for Dollar Dance purchased

    Feeling like I got a lot accomplished this week and can't wait for more RSVPs to come rolling in :)
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    MOH and MOB Dress have arrived.
    Waiting on MOG. 
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    WR:We spoke with our priest and have a meeting scheduled for Thursday night to finalize all the ceremony plans!
    NWR: started to buy furniture for our home! We settle on the 30th!
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    congrats on the checks everyone!
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    Purchased our wedding bands! Was able to get both of our rings for less than the amount we budgeting for mine alone! Laughing
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