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Weekly checks!

Who has been busy this week?

Re: Weekly checks!

  • I've been kind of busy!  I booked the florist, chose our start & end times, and settled on a photographer!  I'm just waiting to hear back from the DJ to set up a meeting & sign the contract, and make sure our date is still available with our first choice photog.  I'm excited!
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    I haven't done much this week. We're planning on getting a lot more done in August. I'm in FL until then and FI and his parents live in NE, so we're going to get together in IL during the first week of August to meet with more vendors, show everyone the venue, decide on a dress, etc. We're doing e-pics then too. Can't wait. :)
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  • My wedding planning will be in full force as of June 9th--first day of summer vacation for me!  I hope to get it almost all done this summer!
  • been researching WA photographers, in case we decide to go in that direction.  that's about it for now. hopefully next week we'll make our decision and it'll be gangbusters from there on!
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