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XP: Bachelorette Party

Just thought I would ask if you laides know when your Bachelorette Party is? And if you know what your girls have planned for it?

*And what does etiquette say about who is invited to it. I thought just the bridal party? But wasn't sure.

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Re: XP: Bachelorette Party

  • *My party is May 26th and I know we're going dancing but that's about it. Either way I'm excited!!
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  • We are doing Mimosa's and brunch followed my pedis. We are inviting all of my closest friends, my cousins and aunts and FIs cousins and sisters. Plus our moms. Then my girlfriends are coming to my house that evening for wine and game night. I just got the invite yesterday and its June 23rd (wedding is June 30).
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  • I do not know when mine is yet, and I don't know what we're doing. Typically in my circle, the activities for the evening are a surprise for the bride.

    As far as who is invited, I'm not sure if it's a regional thing or not. Where I live its those closest to the bride, but it doesn't have to include only bridal party. However, it is proper etiquette to make sure that anyone invited to the bachelorette party is also invited to the wedding.
  • Same day! - May 26th We're going to a Reds game, the same one as FI but in different parts of the park. I'm not sure what else we're doing but my MsOH were talking and thought we'd go to someone's house for a slumber party afterwards.

    You can invite anyone you want to the party as long as they are also invited to the wedding.
  • Mine is May 5.  Just a few close friends are coming....no more than 5 or 6 of us, I think.  My bridal party is my mom & my FSIL (who lives in Australia) so it's actually just a friend of mine who loves party planning that is organizing it.  So nice of her to do it!

    I think we are planning dinner and some drinks (she says she has some other suprises so I will be interested to see what that is!!)

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  • Mine is June 2nd (wedding June 16).

    It's going to be up at my parents cottage (and my grandma's which is right across the path). Because it's family property I'm inviting my 3 girlfriends and then all my "cool" aunts and female cousins and grandma!. I'm very close with them so it will be a lot of fun. Oh and my MIL and FSIL (who is a BM).
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  • Mine is June 16th and I've mentioned going to our pool and then dinner and dancing later but I'm really cool with whatever!  I'll just enjoy hanging out with 'the girls' for my last night as a 'single' lady! 
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    Mine is May 12th. We're doing a bar crawl. Probably 15-20 girls. My BMs and close girlfriends. I'm really excited about it.
  • Everyone's parties sound so fun!!

    Mine is May 5th.
    My Bridal shower will be in the afternoon (FMIL hosting at her apartment) then about 12 of my girlfriends are invited to the Bachelorette that night. My little sister (MOH) is decorating my apartment so we can hang out and change before going out. My Mom is hosting dinner and open bar at my favorite Mexican restaurant (they will have lots of entertainment for cinco de mayo!). We might go to bars or clubs after dinner.

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  • Too fun Midge! I'm hoping we do some sort of slumber party too. I'm glad you said this because my girls were going to invite anyone and not everyone was able to make the guest list for the wedding(we both come from big families). So I may just limit it to the bridal party so that its not awkward.

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    [QUOTE]Same day! - May 26th We're going to a Reds game, the same one as FI but in different parts of the park. I'm not sure what else we're doing but my MsOH were talking and thought we'd go to someone's house for a slumber party afterwards. You can invite anyone you want to the party as long as they are also invited to the wedding .
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  • May 25th-26th.
    We're going to Turning Stone and checking in on the 25th, having dinner then partying at Lava. We're spending the night then the following day we're having a total spa treatment, dinner then coming home.

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  • Mine is supposed to be April 14 (haven't got an invitation), wedding is June 16.

    So far I only know who is invited (I only had 6 girls, my bridesmaids and one close childhood friend; I don't have any other friends who live back home or cousins who are my age).

    I gave my MOH a list of who to invite and lists of places to go (party is in my hometown and she lives out of town and wanted ideas where to go). I agree, you can invite any females you want but they need to be invited to the wedding.
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  • mine is the weekend before my wedding ( june1-3) bc that was the only weekend i could go and i know that my sisters would go. may is pretty busy with bdays, graduations ( fiance's) etc. I planned for it to be in austin, tx and all i told my moh was that i wanted to do an 80's theme on one of the nights where everyone has to dress up in 80's clothes. i only invited my bm (6) and then 1-2 close friends. i don't have that many close girlfriends and the ones i do have are my bm. i didn't want to have too big of a bach. party bc then i would worry if everyone is having fun instead of me enjoying the weekend.
  • Mine was actually last weekend. It was when I could get the most girls to come. I had BM's, good friends and College friends. We rented a lake house and had a blastl. We did get all fancy one night and did dinner at the Ritz Carlton. My liver is still recovering.
  • Mine is Saturday May 12th, we are all doing a boudoir photoshoot together (mine with a special "bride" shoot) during the day, and then going out at night and staying at a hotel together. It will just be me and my bridesmaids. I am sooo excited!
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  • Mine is the last weekend in April. I have to hand in my guest list this weekend to my moh. I know we are doing a nice dinner and drinks one night and the next day we are doing a spa day and the rest is a surprise. I'm actually torn on who to invite. I don't know if I want to invite his brothers wives or girlfriends. I think I will invite them but I know they won't go.
  • Mine is June 23rd (wedding is the 30th).  My MOH talked to the girls and my best friend can be home from California then so they made it for that weekend since she can't make it to my shower.  We are going to the spa at the resort I work at.  Since we have access to the pools and sauna the girls that aren't getting anything done can do those, hang out and have some snacks, or even go down to the bar I work at.  We may head down to the bar for some free drinks after or maybe back to our beach house to get in a little bit of beach time.  Then we are going to go out to dinner and maybe just bar hopping at the casino.  FI's bachelor party is also that night at the casino but I doubt he will be at the bars since he doesn't drink.  Then whoever wants to sleep at our beach house can and whoever wants to join us for a beach day the next day is welcome.

    My 5 girls will be going along with some cousins and other close friends.  There will probably be a total of 10-15 girls.
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    Mine is June 21st - the Thursday before the wedding and the first time all the BMs will be together. Very exciting!!
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  • Mine is next Saturday, April 7th. I know we are going to the spa for some spa treatments but besides that I don't know anything! Which has been pretty hard for me because I am such a control freak and don't really care for surprises! But I am excited and I'm looking forward to it. It will just be my MOH and 2 bridesmaids.
  • I don't know when mine is yet or what we're doing. I have a feeling it will be the June 2nd or June 9th. I know my MOH wants to throw me a lingerie shower. There will probably only be about 8 people invited.

    **Mine MOH is keepin the details a secret and only telling me when and where to show up for the party! I'm really excited!!
  • The only things I know about my shower are the day (June 2nd), the guest list (my BM's and about 6 other close friends) and that it will be in Worcester, MA (where I live) other than that its all a surprise! Im super excited, i cant wait to see all my girls! :-)
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  • Mine is May 26th, like a few others!  We have my shower in the morning and then the girls will come get ready at my house.  It will be my bridesmaids plus about 10 other girls, so about 16ishhhh in all.  The limo will come pick us up, then we'll go grab my mom & aunt who will come to the first couple of bars with us.  Then once we get to the bars where we're very serious about dancing, the limo will bring my mom & aunt home, then we'll hit a few more bars & probably get something to eat before returning to my house for a big sleepover (or pass-out fest, whichever). 

    I'm really excited!!  Also really nervous though because since leaving college by tolerance is next to nothinggggg.  I don't want to be a mess but it happens after very few drinks lately!!
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  •  I dont konw the date yet, but im having a pure romance,upscale dinner and drinks, girls night in party!
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  • Mine is June 3rd. Did it on a Sunday because we got a better hotel rate. We are going to NYC. I'm so excited! Thinking coyote ugly and a rooftop bar or something. Then I got a room with my employee rate for anyone who wants to stay. I think you just invite who you want. Obviously the bridal Party. But I also invited my other close friends and my sisters. Pretty much anyone who wants to come have fun
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  • My wedding is June 17 and I'm having a two part bachelorette party. June 1st we're taking a stripper aerobics class then going clubbing after. Then June 8th we're going to Atlantic City for fun and games.
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