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so I went through all my wedding stuff recently and realized a lot of people have bought or given misc. items to use for the wedding. And now I have no clue how to use them but dont want to hurt anyones feeling's So I need ideas of what to do

my FMIL bought these. there is 5 boxes roughly 10 cups. They are the right color but I dont want to use them in the obvious centerpieces. So do you have any other suggestions

I actually bought these far too early in the planning process and dont know what to do with them. I was going to use them as a rsvp but I have decided to make my own. They are all seattle area vintage postcards. Do have any interesting ideas

and lastly for now :) My mom gave this back to me!?!? Not sure why but she thought i could use it for the wedding since it is a wedding dress. My great grandma crocheted it for a barbie!! I have no clue how to use it. I cant cut it. I was just planning to give it to my daughter when she is into barbies. Can you think of anything?

 thanks everyone :)

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    Item #1 = sign in table, buffet table, cake table, etc?

    Item #2 = table cards (i.e. different building for each table) if you're doing assigned seating?

    Item #3 = bridal shower?

    If you can't think of anything for the 1st two sell/donate them is my thought.
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    1. I would use it at the sign in table... put them in a vase with some flowers??

    2. how about if you hung them on a line with little clips. At the Seattle wedding show in January I saw a display like that. If you give me your email address I will send the pic over of it. I really liked it!

    3. hhmm, this actually reminds me of FMIL... she loves crocheted stuff - she has doilies hanging on the walls in her kitchen :) hee hee I agree with PP - bridal shower.. cause honestly I don't think it could be used in a wedding "these days" if you know what I mean. It maybe "special" to have as a keepsake but I dunno...
    Oh! Are you doing assigned seating at the reception?? You could add ribbon to it and hang it from your grandmas chair??
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    Im kind of really jealous of your postcards! Can I ask where you found them? I would maybe even use them as escort cards or table numbers.

    The stones, maybe could be used to line your aisle...but Im sorry I have no suggestion for the dress.....:(
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    I'm using old Seattle postcards as our escort cards, so i would suggest using them as escot cards too, or if you don't have enough, as Tygirl said, as table cards!

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