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AW: Bridal Shower

Here are all our presents; I took these after I got home:



Here is me and LittleLuckyPenny:


Here are the centerpieces:


The main attractions:


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Re: AW: Bridal Shower

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    looks like it was fun!
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    Fun! Did you and luckypenny know eachother before TK?

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    @Diamond: No we didn't! We just found we had so much in common that we decided to meet. Both our FIs are from Cooperstown, we both grew up in the West Indies and our weddings are a day apart June 8 and June 9!

    We had such a wonderful time; I brought home so many presents the entire back of my Jeep was filled to max capacity. I would have never expected so much generosity!

    The only downside was my dear MOH who, some of you know, has been giving me an extraordinarily hard time, never showed up. She sent me a BBM at one point saying she was sick...if this was the first time she was so flaky, I wouldn't be worried but I'm just over her nonsense.

    Considering that was the only downside, it was a pretty good day!
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    Looks like a great time!
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    I had such a great time!  Your shower was lovely and your future ILs are so great :)
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    @LLP: I'm so glad you could make it! They're a great bunch of people; I'm looking forward to having them as my family :)
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    I'm glad you had fun!  It looked like a good shower.
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    Mel!! It looks like it went really well!!! Thanks for sharing girlie!!
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