Monday Check-In

I hope you are all able to enjoy the day!
Forcast should be looking nice and bright by the end of the week!
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • I'm so excited.  Yesterday I accepted an offer on my condo, it was only on the market for 10 days and I had 2 offers.    It's a relief to know we don't have 2 mortgage payments to make. 

    Our photographer posted some of the photos from our engagement shoot last weekend.  Was very exctied to see them and I love the way they came out.   

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  • dawnp917:  not to be a total creeper, but is your photog JGG?  She was mine too, and I still check out her blog and FB, and I noticed that there was a new engagement blog posted today with someone named Dawn, and I thought maybe that was you...

    If it was, I loved your dress and Fremont Brewing is also one of my favorite breweries in the Seattle area... nom, nom, nom :)
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  • mgoss:  Yes that's us!  Not creepy at all.  I noticed that she did your photos as well.   She came highly recommemded.

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  • I had a great weekend! It was very laid back.

    My parents wrote me a check for the deposit of the venue. I'll be sending that to them today as well as scanning them the signed contract.

    Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning up my clothes situation, as well as my daughters clothes (she's 6). I got rid of more than half of the clothes that I had. They are all too big! I've lost 22 lbs in the last month and am feeling great. A wedding is an amazing motivator ;)

    Hope everyone else had a good weekend!
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  • Decided on my florist... aaannnddd put in an offer for a condo (not yours though Dawn =P). 
  • Azini - congrats on the condo.  That would have been a little eerie if you did put an offer in on my condo.  Stranger things have happened.

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