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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

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    Dear, nonRSVPers.
    I'm paying for your meal.
    and booze.
    and dancing.
    You are basically going out for a swanky dinner and dancing with lots to drink.
    For free.
    and yet it's a burden to put the PRE stamped, Pre addressed RSVP card in the mail? are you effing kidding me?
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    Dear FMIL,

    I am utterly shocked you want to go to the bridal show with me since you have yet to show an interest in our wedding thus far. Last week you couldn't even get the month right for our wedding day. Hopefully this will open your eyes to how important this day is to myself and you son. Oh....and a little help from your pocketbook would be appreciated so my parents aren't the only ones paying for everything.

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