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Hello to all the fellow June 2012 Brides!!! I am so overwhelmed!! ANyone else feeling this way?! LOL  :)
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  • I've been engaged for 3 months and definitely felt overwhelmed the first month. I think it's very common though lol. We have a lot of time to look for venues and plan evey aspect of the wedding, so my advice is to take it slow. Have fun with the wedding planning and let me know if you need any help :)
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  • Are you joking?! I'm saving my anxiousness and overwhelming feelings until closer to the date. Just relax and enjoy being engaged for the time.
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  • Not feeling stressed at all...at least not yet!!!  : )

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  • I have my stressed-out moments. :)  But, for the most part, just take things one step at a time and remember what a blessing it is to have all this time to plan things!  This is, of course, coming from a total slow-poke.  My fiance and I had nearly six months of "just enjoy being engaged" time... we didn't talk about wedding ideas, I didn't look at wedding magazines, nada.  I was so relaxed about the whole thing I was nearly comatose.  I'm just now starting to bombard myself with all the books and blogs and stuff.  :)  Deep breathing and exercise definitely help!
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