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Wedding Recap PIP

After almost 8 years the day finally came where I married my best friend!  We are still waiting on the professional pictures, but thought I'd share a little from our June 9th wedding (as I can't wait any longer).  

The day could not have been more perfect or what I had hoped for.  The weather was great and everything went smoothly.  I honestly cannot think of one thing that went wrong or unexpected.  I didn't make it through the ceremony without crying...Dad was crying as we walked down the aisle which got me a little choked up (I think I held it together then) but what really got me was H's vows.  We wrote our own and his were amazing and I think had everyone choked up. 

The reception site was beautiful!  I sent a group of guys to do some of the decorating (along with the decorator we hired) and they did amazing.  I must say I was a little nervous leaving guys to do the little details of the decorations, but they did amazing.  

Our first dance:

Reception Hall-Head Table & Cake

Cutting the Cake:

The Dress:

Spent a decent amount of time on these wands but love how they looked:

Ring Ceremony:


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