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Today I met with my mom, cousin, aunt and two bridesmaid to begin planning the bridal shower. It was really important to my mom that I be there because she wanted to know things that I liked and/or didn't like (ie. whip cream frosting. I hate whip cream frosting.) We did it early because one of my BM is in town (she lives in Massachusetts) and my mom wanted her there to help her feel included.

Anyway, it was fun! My cousin was bartender and made us two cocktail samples and had a wine sample. We had some snacks and came up with some pretty good ideas. While we were trying to think of a theme, one of my BM asked what my colors were and I was explaining that originally I had wanted Robin's Egg Blue and Red, but FI wouldn't have it. So they decided to make the bridal shower around that theme! I'm super excited!

So, the questions: Did you play games at your bridal shower? What are some of the more fun games you have played?

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    Yay! Congrats, sounds like your bridal shower plans are coming along nicely.

    Yes, games are always played in my family.  A fun one was "what is the bride wearing," where the guests have just all arrived and then the bride leaves the room. Everyone gets paper and (surprise!) needs to write down everything they can about what the bride is wearing.

    Popular ones are "toilet paper dress" (at the last shower, we did veils), and another where everything the bride says while opening gifts is secretly written down by a bridesmaid then read at the end as "things the bride will say on her wedding night." That one is always great.
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    I got the 'things I willl say on my wedding night'. That was funny. Since my wedding was at Tulalip, my first shower with all my crazy friends was casino themed and there was bingo, a mini roulette wheel and poker. It was really cool!
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    I'm one of those people who's really not a fan of shower games, but I love the one with questions. The MOH asks the groom a series of questions, and then the bride has to answer (at the last one I was at, there were things like, what's his favorite beer, when was his first kiss, etc.). 

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    We played games, but I told the girls who planned mine that I didn't want anything embarrassing or stupid, which they complied with.  :)

    We played an ice-breaker where each person had the names of a "famous" couple (both fictional and non) stuck to their back when they arrived and they had to ask the other guests questions to figure out who they were.  They we played a "who knows Carrie best" game where they all answered questions about me (I liked this one :) ) and my mom won (duh).  Finally we played a game where you get points for different items being in your purse, the more obscure the better (I won).

    I don't know that you need games, but they do help to get ppl who don't know each other from Adam talking to each other.
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    I agree that I don't like typical shower games, but the ones w/ questions about the bride and/or groom are good.  My friends did one where there was a list of celebrities and you had to know the other part of the couple.  Also, they met w/ FI, video taped questions they asked him about me/us and his answers, then at the shower we all guessed what his answers would be and the played the video...so cute and fun.
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    My BM did a lot of fun games! the icebreaker was that everyone had to say their favorite memory with either the bride or the groom or both (oh, it was a couples shower btw), then my FI and I had to pick the one we liked the most(picking a "best"memory was kinda awkward though)

    Then we did the "what were we wearing" one, and on the bottom of the sheet, my BM put wedding questions for them to fill out like "wheres there ceremony, what time does it start, what colors were their invites, whats the brides mom' s name, etc" People seemed to really like that one!

    Then we did the "pre-newly wed game" and this was more of my fi and I sat back to back, and had a bunch of computer paper, a clip board and a marker and the host BM would ask us questions and we had to match. Everyone we got wrong we had to slide away from each other, but if we got one right we got to slide closer! It was actually really funny!!! for example, they were questions like "whats one food the bride would eat everyday if she could, what is the groom looking forward to abuot the wedding, whats one thing of the groom's that the bride would get rid if?" etc.

    Then on the "what will she say on the wedding night" instead of the host writing it all down, (we didnt know this till the end) but she had everyone write down one thing I said that they thought would be the funniest, and then she read them all out at the end, and everyone voted on which was the best.

    and we got to avoid the toliet paper game! woo hoo! :)
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