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Ring Bearer Rings

Tonight while I was browsing around Michaels (a trip to Michaels is never an in and out - even if I know exactly what I need) I found a bird's nest and some green excelsior to make my ring bearer's nest but I didn't find any fake rings to attach to them for show.

Where have you ladies gotten some cheap fake rings? Or anyone know a good place to find some/look??

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  • try looking at a party supply store. I think I have seen some there before
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    [QUOTE]try looking at a party supply store. I think I have seen some there before
    Posted by Ash61612[/QUOTE]
    </div><div>Or maybe as cheesy as it sounds, a gumball machine? lol</div>
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Ring Bearer Rings : This. Or maybe as cheesy as it sounds, <strong>a gumball machine</strong>? lol
    Posted by amonis[/QUOTE]

    I was actually thinking about a quarter machine when I was walking around Michaels looking for some! All I was able to find at Michaels were packages with large quantites for favors. I'll definitely have to look at some party supply stores in the area. Thanks!
  • Party City would definitely have them
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