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  • I haven't been on for awhile so I'll include everything I've done the last couple of weeks!!
    -the overlays arrived for our tables...all 30 of them
    -confirmed the appt for the #1 contender for our ceremony music, although she is not available until mid-march
    -finished all 226 favor boxes
    -finished the thank you banner for our gift table
    -received the printed mad libs for our guests
    -went to my first alterations appt.  All I need is a bustle (amazing 3 years later my dress still fits perfect) and it only cost $35.  I was prepared to spend a lot more so I might end up getting a reception dress!!!
    -went to our food/wine tasting at our venue.  Have a good idea of what wines and good we want.  We go back at the beginning of March to start finalizing things
    -got a couple of quotes for printing the invite inserts and programs. Decided to do it myself. Hope to complete these this week.
    -Ordered envelopes for the invitations
    -started talking w/my sister (MOH) about dates for my bridal shower in May!!!

    NWR: we have little storage in our house so FI is building custom shelves for me in our laundry room for shoes, crafts, etc. FI is not very handy but is doing such a good job and it is beautiful. 
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Monday Checks : yay!! don't forget how much we like pics
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    <div>Haha oh I won't, I'm going alone so I'll just have to have the girls at the store take a few pictures for me! I'm hoping I love it just as much as when I bought it because it's very non traditional. Not something I ever thought I would pick! So fingers crossed!</div>
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    My MOH came over to help me knock out a few projects. We got all the invites stuffed and addressed, made the flowergirl basket, and ordered my necklace for the big day.

    We also started on the RB flower but it isn't working as I had hoped :(.

    I also got FI finally thinking about what activities he wants to do on the HM. We need to get them booked since its a busy time of year...
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  • Invites got finished this weekend. Now I just have to wait to mail them.

    Stamp on the back of the envelopes


    Response Cards

  • We worked ono ur invites. Almost finished thank goodness.
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  • My cousin sent me a text last night with a pic of possible shoes for the FG's.  My aunt went to pick them up today and she sent me the pic of them next to the dress.  They are perfect!

    Unfortunately I have to uncheck my hair and makeup trial.  My MUA sent me an email last night saying she didn't realize she was scheduled for a wedding on the day of my trial.  So I asked my hairstylist if we could switch the day so I could get them done on the same day.  We are still in the works of trying to figure out a date that works for everyone.  My MUA called the hairstylist (same salon) and sent me a list of dates so I chose one and now it looks like the hairstylist has a wedding that day.  It's looking like it may end up being a Sunday instead of a Saturday.  They also have dates open during the week but I don't want to go after work as it is almost an hour away from my house and my mom can't take any days off on the days that I have off.  So hard trying to coordinate these things.
  • I bought some candle holders for our centerpieces from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I also prioritized my to do list and gave myself a deadline for each item on it this morning during my planning period when I was supposed to be grading papers...oops. =)
  • I got our mothers' corsages in! I found a seller on Etsy (MarktheOccassionD) that makes flower corsages with pearl bracelets out of fabric that has meaning to you. I sent Maggie some of my wedding dress scraps and I got the corsages today! They are absolutely beautiful!!


  • My BM dresses came in today! I'm so excited :)  We're finding a time that we can go together to pick them up.  Ahhh I can't wait to see them!
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