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Receiving your response cards in the mail!

Why am I so grinny when I get response cards in the mail? Lol. So far everyone has says yes. The count so far is 11/120.

Re: Receiving your response cards in the mail!

  • I'm kind of sad because ours are going to my parents house since they are hosting and the wedding is in CA. I have to wait to hear from mom when one arrives :(
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  • Yay!! I can't wait to be at that point!
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  • I love getting them as well.....even if they are no's.  A lot of people haven't been sending them back, just giving us a verbal or email confirmation that they are coming....so I always get excited when I see one of the envelopes in our mail box!!

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  • I have been so excited running to the mailbox everyday to get one. now I'm nervous because one of my BM said she never got an invite so the post office might have lost it and I hope that happened to no one else.
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  • I am anxious to know who the first response will be from.  My invitations go out on Monday!
  • We've been getting a lot of responses by text or facebook, and surprisingly we've gotten 43 responses so far (I sent the invites on Monday). People are on it.

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    [QUOTE]<strong>I'm kind of sad because ours are going to my parents house since they are hosting</strong> and the wedding is in CA. I have to wait to hear from mom when one arrives :(
    Posted by kimiandgary[/QUOTE]

    this is the same boat I am in
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    I can't wait until I mail our out tomorrow so I can join in on all of the excitement.
    Something to look forward to when checking the mail instead of just bills.
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  • I sent my invites on Moday and got the first 4 on Thursday! I was so excited!
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    I put mine in the work mail for my co-workers yesterday and already got 3 back.  Three people will attend and 2 cannot.  I knew they wouldn't be able to come becaue their son is getting married the same day 90 miles away!  I'm waiting on a few addresses and mailing the rest on Monday!

  • I love it too! I sent mine out on March 7th and we've gotten a good number back :)

    Because our wedding is a Friday I had anticipated alot more people getting back to us later after they either got approved or denied time off. It's been a very pleasant surprise that its near the end of the month and almost half have been sent back.
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  • My wedding is on Father's Day so I kinda anticipate some nos but haven't received any so far. Just got 3 more cards and 5 more yes :
  • I've gout ours ready to be addressed. I'll probably start on them tonight! They will be in the mail Monday morning!!
  • I haven't sent my invites out yet but I KNOW I'll be stalking my mailbox daily after they go out.
  • I haven't sent mine out yet....not until mid-April so I'm jealous of all of you getting them back.  Ours are also going to my parents....it's a good thing my mom and I only work 5 mins from each other so I can pick them up from her a few times a week when they do start coming in.
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