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Poll: Elegant or over the top?

Do you think having a horse drawn carriage pick us up from the ceremony is elegant or over the top?

Here's the background:  I've ridden horses for nearly 20 years, and I'm a veterinarian, so I love animals and especially horses.  My mom out of the blue one day offered to rent a horse and carriage for our wedding.  She claims she always wanted to get a horse and carriage for me when I got married, although this was the first I've heard of it.  Anyway - I love horse drawn carriages, so I was initially excited.  Our ceremony is at a chapel on a college campus, and the reception is at a hotel 9 miles away.  We could take the horse and carriage ride around campus, but then we would still need another form of transportation to get to the reception.

My mom is really excited about this, and FI is concerned that it's too Cinderella-like.  I haven't even decided what I want to do, and the people closest to me are very opinionated (in opposite directions)!  Why does wedding planning bring this out in people?

So your job, my dear Knotties, is to provide an impartial opinion so I can decide what to do and who I need to persuade!  Thanks :)
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