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Hey all! I am looking for advice. My fiance and I met on June 28, 2007, and we are planning to be married in June 2012. Due to him not graduating until June, my MOH being in England until June 16th, and just having some cushion for those events, we are planning on late June. I really think it would be sweet to be married 5 years to the day after we met, June 28th, 2012, but it's a THURSDAY!!! My FMIL doesn't think this is a good idea because people will need to take off work on Thursday and Friday. We cannot afford a Saturday wedding, and my brother's birthday is July 1st, so the only day we are left with is the 29th. My parents were married on December 29th (1978), and they just got divorced. I REALLY don't want to be married on the 29th. It's not that I'm superstitious, I just really don't want to share that number with them. Help! Are Thursday weddings really all that bad? Our guests will be traveling, at the most, 1.5 hours. We are having a small wedding and are not inviting any truly OOT guests. Due to our very limited budget (2 college students paying for almost everything), we are not serving alcohol, and will only have a dessert reception. We were hoping for an afternoon or late evening wedding. So, what are everyone's thoughts?
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