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My mom is trying to find shoes and likes 3 differet pairs, but is unsure about the size. I ordered a pair last week, and they got here really fast, so I am not worried about them arriving on time. I know their return policy is great, but is it unreasonable to order so many pairs (different shoes, in two different sizes for each)? If you have used Zappos before, how many pairs of shoes did you order?

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  • If it's something you can afford I don't see why not. Check reviews of the shoes and see if people make comments that they run big/small/wide etc. That's how I get through most of my online shopping. I'm a true size, so when someone says it runs really big or small I'm able to plan accordingly.

    I haven't ordered from Zappos, but I have ordered a bunch at once and returned when I found out the right size. I'm sure lots of people do this.
  • I agree with PP. If you have the $ to put out to make sure she gets the right ones then do it. I haven't ordered from Zappo's either but I did order shoes for work one time (at a dr.'s office so nurse shoes) and had no idea what to get so I ordered 4 different ones from shoebuy.come and it was no issue at all to return the ones I didn't want. Just a trip to the post office! 
  • I order from Zappos a lot but I don't usually order multiple pairs because I'm also a pretty true size.  I just wanted to point out that they have free shipping BOTH ways so if you can afford the initial layout to purchase the shoes, I think its a great option!
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  • Yeah, I did this when I was looking for wedding shoes.  I ordered 4 pairs.  None of them ultimately worked out, so unfortunately I returned all four.  It's not unreasonable.
  • I did it too. I ordered 3 at a time and then sent all 3 back and got a different size in my favorite pair. Zappos is awesome. I love their shipping policies! And if you return stuff for a credit instead of a refund back to your credit card you get free one day shipping on your next order.
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