June 2012 Weddings

Pictures from our dream wedding!

I've definitely been more of a lurker than a poster, but have used the boards to help answer a lot of my wedding questions! Our day went off without a hitch - it was the most gorgeous, perfect, romantic day...

I flew my favorite photographer across the country to capture our day, so my pictures are impossible to weed through - I love them all! Here are a few...





My boys walked their new stepdad down the aisle (he's been 'dad' to them for years already....everyone cried when this happened!)

They walked back up the aisle to get me and bring me to my groom. :)

We got married under "The Heritage Tree" - a 300 year old historical tree in our city...

We also celebrated my Persian heritage with a Persian Ceremony - it was beautiful!



Sparkler send-off!

Loving seeing all of the other June bride's photos...keep 'em coming!

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