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Tornado Relief (Kleenex may be needed) PIP

As most of you know, I spent my day yesterday in a local community deeply impacted by the tornadoes that tore through the area. I found out when I got home last night that the family we were helping yesterday is related to a big family at my church. Someone I used to work with at Home Depot was there because it was his cousin's house and I recognized one of the other ladies from just working at Home Depot. She was a customer. Other people from my company had connections to this family as well. It was almost like we planned it, but we didn't. All we did was show up at the fire department and go where they told us to go.

All of us have sun/wind burn, cuts, scrapes and bruises but it was well worth it. I have no right to complain about that when all of the homes on this property have to be demolished. One of which was only 5 years old.

Anyway, these pictures don't really do it justice but I thought I'd share.

Even though you can't see it, that's a hill behind us. Just shows you how steep it was. He and I decided to use bigger pieces of OSB we found to pile up the smaller items and carry it up to the pile together. Later, we found a kooler at the bottom of the hill and used that too. It was even better.

Yes, that's a tree trunk cut to fit and supporting the house. (Someone that works with my Dad actually did that. He's friends with the family)

The wonderful, amazing part is that no one from these homes died. So the most important things were not lost, but that doesn't make the loss of everything else any easier.

We filled up between 4-6 tractor trailers of debris from ONE field. We found everything from roof beams to j-channel, insulation, tin, plumbing, shingles, roofing paper, etc.

It was humbling and rewarding but I really wish it wasn't needed. I'm glad I was able to help though.

Re: Tornado Relief (Kleenex may be needed) PIP

  • Jess, thank you so much for sharing these pictures. It really puts life in perspective and I know the families appreciated the help.
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  • I can't imagine what these families are going through. It really makes you stop and appreciate what you have. Thanks for sharing

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  • Jess, I'm so glad you were able to take the time to be able to go and help those in need. It's always such a wonderful feeling to be of true help to someone, but I completely agree with you that I wish it wasn't needed at all. Things like this do and will happen and as long as there are people like you to go help where help is needed, the world will be ab all right place to live in. :)
  • Jess, reading all that definitely brought tears to my eyes.  I think it's so wonderful what you all went to do and to help in the ways that you could.  

    Kelsey said everything that is going through my brain much better then I've been writing and deleting!
  • Jess- thanks for sharing this. You are such an amazing person... I so wish we lived closer so we could actually be RL friends! You are so considerate and so thoughtful. The world needs more people like you!
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  • Thank you everyone, the people I work with are pretty awesome too! One of my CW's brothers even came with us. He was on his spring break.
  • Jess, I love that you were able to help out.  I can't imagine exactly what those families are feeling but I'm sure you helped them feel so much better.
  • Thanks Megan! :)

    I received another picture that I was hoping someone got. Out of everything going on, the family took the time to use some of the debris we found to make a sign to place at the exit of their property.

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    I know someone affected by tornados in Joplin Missouri last year. She had her house rebuilt finally & JUST moved in after 7-8 months of being homeless :(. Her daughters apartment was razed but luckily her granddaughter had begged her mom to take her to mcdonalds or they would have been dead. It is so unfortunate how these natural disasters can do so much damage. 
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  • Kudos to you Jess for helping out--those people appreciate it more than you will ever know! After Katrina my heart swelled with the amount of people willing to take time out of their lives to help.
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    Jess, I'm glad you were able and willing to help.  I feel very fortunate/blessed.  This could have been my town.  My town is  in between two towns that were hit hard--120 miles from one and 90 from the other.  Thank you for helping these people. 

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