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Stupid shoes!

I ordered my shoes from Dessy on Monday so that they would arrive at my mother's house by the time we get there. NOW I get an email that the shoes have suddenly been backordered to ship Feb 21st. Our flight back here is the 22nd!! The idea was to try the frickin shoes on to see if they actually fit and bring them back with me! Now I don't know what to do. They sent me an email asking if I want to proceed with the order or get a refund. I haven't had much luck finding CUTE white satin flats AND under $50 and I'm really annoyed by this!

I guess I could still go through with the order, ask my mom to ship them to me (which costs my mom about $35 or more btw, meaning I would pay her but the shoes wouldn't be under budget anymore) and hope they fit. But what if they get all the way here and they don't?? Then what?! Grr! I don't know have any second choice shoes either.. I've been lucky to find these flats at Dessy. Any suggestions?? :(

ETA: Link to shoes :(

Re: Stupid shoes!

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    Ugh that sucks!! Can they change the shipping so it can be shipped to your home instead of your mom's home??
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    I can but it costs around $70 to ship here. I just think that's too much for shipping! :(
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    I say go shopping for shoes while you're here.  How long do you have before you can say, 'cancel order?"  They're adorable shoes...
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2012-weddings_stupid-shoes?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:066005ef-215f-48b1-8655-328b41e07c52Discussion:410ae9e6-dc6a-428f-aeb3-2b29a1bce5f0Post:f4b42621-166d-48ef-85ef-a803b5fd5c5d">Re: Stupid shoes!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I say go shopping for shoes while you're here.  How long do you have before you can say, 'cancel order?"  They're adorable shoes...
    Posted by littlemoments324[/QUOTE]

    Hmm.. good point. The email doesn't say. I'd think I'd get at least 5, 7, 10 days?? Maybe? I'll try that though.. because I doubled checked the shipping and it's now $36.. almost the same it would cost my mom. They'd be over $50 shoes but if I have no luck back home I just might ship them. Thanks LM!
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    Np!   Things will work out..if you don't find anything while you're home, then you know the shoes you ordered were meant to be and just have to suck up the shipping costs...=(
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    Awww Nati! What the heck, man?

    I LOVE those shoes so much. :\ I hope something works out.

    It is so so hard to find flat shoes for that price - and that cute. :\

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    Oh Nati I feel your pain in trying to find flats. As you know I'm in the same boat.
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    I agree with LM's suggestion. In theory, they should really let you cancel it anytime before they ship the shoes to you. Look at DSW and other places while you are at your mom's place. Good luck!
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    I would definitely shoe shop at home and then hit the cancel button in a few days if you find anything.  If not reroute to your house maybe.

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    Aww Nati I'm so sorry! I had a really hard time with shoes too. I def agree with littlemoments' suggestion. And I do love those shoes too btw!
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    Booh Nati! I hope you find something. I wanted a pair of shoes for $200 (they were my dream shoes) but i thought to myself no way! I ended up finding a comfortable pair at DSW (not sure if you have one near you) I agree with LM. You can shop around while you are here. :) Hope everything works out.
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