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So worried about passport!

So in California, there are two types of birth certificates. When I was born, I was not given the full one, which is required to get a passport. You cannot use the partial one that I was given because it does not have all the information on it. 

I've sent to get a new birth certificate, but it seems like the process is taking FOREVER. I called last week and they said it was "being worked on". That doesn't help me! I need to get it back asap so I can order my passport. I will probably need to express my passport just in case.. is anyone else dealing with this or have advice?
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Re: So worried about passport!

  • When I got my passport about 8 years ago, I had to get it express and it came in a couple weeks.  You may also want to look into going to a passport agency where you can get it same day.  I'm sure it costs more but if you are worried, it may be worth it.

    It looks like there is one of the agencies in Hot Springs, AK...

  • The best way to expedite the process by hand delivering everything when its ready to submit to your regional passport office (if possible). Also, be incredibly anal about the photo criteria. Thats the biggest reason people get denied the first time.
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  • I know that it is case my case, but I did not expedite my passport and got it back in less than 2 weeks. I think it was about 10 days.  
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  • I got mine in two weeks. However, it came faster because I got the new enhanced license. In Michigan these just came out this year and if you don't have one it takes longer.

    I never heard of two different birth certificates, That's interesting. 
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  • When I got my passport I think it took 3 weeks even though I was originally told 3 months. 

    I've also never heard of two different birth certificates... interesting.
  • I had the wrong BC too, and it took less than a week to get the long form. Sorry yours is being so lame! You can always expedite the passport if you're worried; it costs $60 more.

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  • Yes, California is taking FOREVER! I know there's quite a few people, but geez. There can't be that many people wanting new ones. Only certain states have long and short forms.

    I'm going to check in to getting it expedited or going to the place in my state that does them.
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  • I just applied Monday and the woman at the post office said its 8 weeks max now; so I guess if you're less than 8 weeks out expedite it.

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  • Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much now.  But I would call the state dept. or whomever you get the birth certificate from and ask when you can expect it. 

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_june-2012-weddings_so-worried-about-passport?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:3ae4d68d-f10a-4dec-8810-da13c14a7b86Discussion:8502ac8e-2c71-4544-8002-a03b6a264249Post:98ee13db-bca0-4413-9148-01501d8a0e3c">Re: So worried about passport!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I know that it is case my case, but I did not expedite my passport and got it back in less than 2 weeks. I think it was about 10 days.  
    Posted by amonis[/QUOTE]

    This! I got mine super fast!
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  • I ordered my birth certificate from California at the beginning of December and it took like 7 weeks to gt it :(  Now I'm waiting to recieve my passport in the mail - I wished it would just hurry up and get here
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