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Wednesday (Leap day!) Acountability

B: Spinach mushroom omelette
S: Chobani
L: Spinach salad, cheese and crackers
S: Kiwi

E: Bootcamp, completed this morning

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Re: Wednesday (Leap day!) Acountability

  • B: Apple Crisp ( small cup
    L: Salad
    S: Fruit
    D: TBD

    Excerise: Zumba finally haven't had time to excerise
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  • B: Cereal
    L: Salad, yogurt, apple
    S: Peanut butter crackers

    E: TBD - I have a cancer society meeting

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  • B: none
    L: TBD
    D: buscuits and gravy or maybe ribs (leftover night)

    Excerise: Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
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  • I posted this on our facebook page...sorry I hadn't made it over here yet! :)

    B: 2 small muffins and blackberries
    S: Clementine
    L: Oh She Glows avocado pasta
    D: Cocktails and TBD. 

    E: none. FI and I have a networking thing tonight.
  • B: cereal
    S: yogurt
    L: turkey sandwich with spinach
    D: TBD

    E: Going for a run with the dog.
  • I haven't done this before; glad I found it!

    Breakfast: lean ham, activia lite yogurt and orange juice

    Lunch: 3/4 ham and cheese sandwich and baked potato chips

    Dinner: I dunno yet :S Possibly whole wheat pasta w/veggies

    Snack: Nature Valley Granola Thin (dark chocolate)

    Exercise: Ran 2 miles on the treadmill in less than 25 minutes!
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