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Just got engaged!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies! my name is Gia and i jsut got ENGAGED!!!!!!!! i'm so excited and ready to begin planning but one problem.... where do i start? Does anyone have any suggestions? We picked June 23, 2012 as our date and are looking in the north Jersey area for reception halls and vendors. Would love to hear input and suggestions. Thank you so much and best of luck to all of you!!!!
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Re: Just got engaged!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats! You have plenty of time to put together a beautiful wedding so don't worry about not knowing exactly where to start. If I were you, I'd start looking into the free tools available on this website: budget planner, inspiration boards, checklist, etc. Also check out wedding planning books at your local library. I also like to look at blogs from other gals planning their own weddings.
  • Thank you so much!  What great ideas. I know i'm starting really early i am just so excited and want to take my time making sure everything is exactly like we've dreamed.
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  • Congrats!  Starting with a guest list is a good way to go so then you can plan your budget from there.  After those are set in place it will be easier to figure out which vendors and within your price range. 
  • Congrats to you Gia! ^_^
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  • Congratulations!!!
    Take some time to just enjoy being engaged.  No need to dive right in when you have two years to go ... although I know it's very hard not to.
    I've just been searching the web for ideas at this point.  Good luck with everything Smile
  • Wow congrats! I got engaged 18 days ago and my fiance and I also chose the date June 23, 2012! We will be getting married in north eastern Maryland, but I have been looking at venues in the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas too, since it's close. It didn't take us long to choose our date, but as soon as we did, I started thinking of wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, cake and invitation designs, wedding favor ideas, etc. I also set up two appointments to see two different reception venues, which went well. We plan to book something by mid-August. I have my entire guest list made, and my fiance is almost finished with his. Make sure to know how many  guests you are planning for, so you can plan your budget accordingly and look for an appropriate venue and/or church that will hold everyone. As for everything else, I have just been doing preliminary planning. The knot website is great to find ideas, and I also google a lot of things in order to find vendors, photographers, etc. I have also bought a few bridal magazines, so look for a Brides - New Jersey edition (I have the Maryland one and it is very helpful).
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  • Congrats to you both!
  • Congrats! Definitely check out Liberty House in Jersey City the views of NY are really great!
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  • Congrats! I got engaged 2 months ago and getting married in North Jersey as well. You should come by the Jersey boards the girls there have a lot of great suggestions. Do you know what kind of wedding you want? # of guests and your budget? They can all help you out. I have been to 11 different venues so far and still haven't decided yet, but we still have time! Enjoy your ring and your engagement!!!
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