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Is anyone planning on giving the FH a card on your wedding day? I have been trying to find a card with no luck. I can only find general ones from guests for bride & groom. What is everyone else doing?

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    Once we hit 100 days to go, from time to time I have felt inspired to write him short little notes...I plan on giving him those and a little letter for him to open the night before.  Sometimes you need to make your own card because Hallmark can't quite capture your words :)
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  • I worked at Hallmark for years and LOVE their cards, but sometimes they don't capture quite what I want to say.  I'm much more of a note-writer, so I'll probably just write him a note inside a card that has very few (if any) words already.
  • That's a good question...I haven't thought about that yet.  I really love Papyrus cards sold at Target.  Hopefully, they'll have a nice blank one that I can write my own note because I doubt that they have "On our wedding day..." cards. 
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    I just got a blank card. The picture on the front was perfect for us. I'm writing him my own simple sweet message.
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  • I am!! :) I'll be getting my mom to take his card and present to him that morning.
  • I'd recommend the blank card route as others have said or just doing a note yourself.  Bride to groom cards seem hard to find but I will admit, I haven't put much effort into looking for them.
  • At our 6 month and three month marks I got him a card.

    I plan on writing him a nice note for our wedding day, plus the socks I think will be a nice touch.
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  • Melntaitt- what do the socks you got him look like?  I'm trying to find some cute ones to buy for my FI too but haven't been successful.
    And yes I plan on giving him a card the night before as well.  We are big card people.  I've kept every card FI has ever given me!
  • i saw a neat idea on here a while back... take a deck of playing cards, and on each card, write/paste something you love about your fi.  so it ends up being 52 things you love about your fiance/e.
    i think the idea is really sweet... but i'm undecided whether a, he'd appreciate it, and b, if i can be creative enough for 52 things, lol.
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