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Bridesmaid shoe help!

I am having the worst time deciding on BM shoe color and style. I really want them to wear shoes that they will want to wear again and really don't know what would be appropriate. I am having an outdoor 5:30 wedding on a deck overlooking the water. I know it will be hot so I wanted the girls to wear strappy or peep toe heels.

My first idea was for them to wear nude strappy heels. But I am afraid it will not be dressy enough. So my second option is strappy silver heels but I am afraid they will never wear them again. For jewelry they will be wearing a silver charm necklace and silver stud earrings.  Anyway, I can not make up my mind and would love your input!!

Here are the dresses:

In this color:
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Re: Bridesmaid shoe help!

  • I think either color would go. Have you asked their input?
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  • My BM dresses are similar to yours but navy. My girls are wearing nude stappy heels (or whatever they want really). I think it will be dressy enough! Who is going to notice their shoes anyway? :)

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  • Unless they are garish, or something unusual like converse or cowboy boots, I don't think anyone has ever noticed BM shoes. I personally prefer black shoes for nearly any dress color (except navy) because almost everyone already owns black dress shoes.
  • I think either color or black would be fine, just pick a color and let them choose their own shoes. That's the best way to make sure they'd actually wear them again.
  • Those are my BM dresses too (in navy!) Good choice :)

    I think either look would go with your dress. Like PP said, have you asked your BMs their input?
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  • I think either color would look good. Like PPs mentioned, I would ask your BMs. I asked mine to wear silver and a couple of them said they already had a pair to wear.

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  • Same as PP. I think you could do either.
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  • Oh, and I just realized that the actual color of the dress is super close to my blue. I'm having my girls wear silver shoes. I was in a wedding last year and the dresses were a lighter blue. We also wore silver shoes.
  • Thanks girls! I have asked their opinion and they did not care which ones.. your right who will notice! It is all of the pics of shoes that you see all the time on wedding blogs. They have me overthinking everything!
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  • I am always a fan of letting the girls pick their own. Either giong with black, or silver and white. Nude is an option too. I know when I had to find white shoes for a wedding, I couldn't find any I liked that fit. It is a pain in the a$$. I tried to give my girls as many options as I could. I asked them to have white or silver. I don't care what they look like. It is their money and their outfit. No one notices anyway.
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  • Why don't you let the girls pick their own? I have 0 imput into what my girls are wearing (for anything to do with their output) i told them what i prefer. I know one is going to wear the exact opposite & i am not going to like but she has tiny feet & has a hard time with shoes so i have to let it slide. They have shown me their dresses before buying them but that is about it. 
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