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a little introduction...

i'm fairly new to the message boards on theknot (but not the website in general) so i feel like i should make a bit of an introduction because i want to have a resource of other fellow knotties to bounce ideas off of.  =)

my name's chelsea and my fiance's name is frank.  we got engaged may 1, the same day we both graduated with bachelor degrees (mine: athletic training, his: graphic design) from northern michigan unversity.  he proposed in front of both immediate families and our closest friends who graduated with us.  it was such a well-thought out plan, and i was blown away.  we're planning on getting married june 16, 2012, but it's still tentative as we haven't booked any vendors yet, let alone pick out a church.  plannings a little rough because i'm out in PA getting my master's in athletic training while frank's back in milwaukee (where i'm originally from) looking for a job.  i won't move back to milwaukee til this august, which i'm worried will put a damper on booking venues.  other than that, i'm REALLY excited to start planning and can't wait to hear/see what everyone else is doing for their weddings.  =)
"thank you for being mine" -fdm
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