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Groom and Groom's Men!

We got engaged on May 30th, 2011, I was beyond excited that he asked me after being together for 3years. By 11pm that day, I had my whole bridal party picked out. It's not big at all. 1 MOD, 2BM,1 JR BM, and a Flower Girl. My fiance however....not even close. He has asked two guys thus far (just did it actually 2weeks ago) but haven't gotten answers back from them. He still hasn't chosen his best man either. It's starting to irk me to no end that he isn't doing more about it. It's like he wants to leave it to the last minute. Which is fine since our wedding isn't till June 2012, but for the most part the wedding is planned and I need to start getting STD cards ready to be sent out. Is anyone else having this problem with their groom???
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