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Help me figure out hors d'ouevres! (TK ate first post :( )

I posted this a little while ago, and when I came back to check responses, it appears that TK ate my post.

So anyway...it is time for us to start making decisions on all the details for our venue, including the menu. What has us the most stuck is the hors d'ouevres. We have a large menu to choose from, with the items ranging $1.50/pp to $3.95/pp. We are trying to keep our cost here as low as possible, so my question is: what is the appropriate number of choices to have? 3? 5? 10? We have no clue! I want our guests to have enough choices without spending an arm and a leg (since we're already paying about $30/pp for dinner). So what are your thoughts on a good number of items?

If anyone is curious or wants to make specific suggestions, here's the menu we have to chose from: http://wellersweddings.com/pages/menu_horsdoeuvres.htm

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Re: Help me figure out hors d'ouevres! (TK ate first post :( )

  • I'm not an expert on this by any means but we're going to have 3-4 choices.
  • In my opinion 10 is a little excessive. it all depends on what you have on your menu already, but I'd go with 3 or max 5 choices. (but I'm biased by my own tiny wedding.. so I tend to go with low numbers). And I'd make sure that there is at least 1 vegetarian choice if you pick 3 or at least 2 veggie choices if you pick 5.
    I have no idea what the norm is either, though.
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  • We are having 3 different types of passed h'orderves and 200 pieces of each (we're expecting 180 guests). 

    Two of them are $2/piece and the other is $2.25. 

    I know it won't be a TON of food for our guests, but we're serving a full meal, so they'll be fine.
  • First of all, thanks for making me even more hungry!!!! :)

    Secondly, I would go with 3 - 5 options (we are having 3 at ours) - I think all the options look really good....so I can't pick any!!  people do always like shrimps....and I always like things that are easy to eat (think all sorts of good things packaged up neatly in philo).  Skewers are good for ease of eating, but there will be a lot more garbage involved....

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  • You have so many to chose from, so I'll tell you ours.

    We have 4 choices, with 9 pieces per person total

    Along with a cheese display, we will have
    quesadilla trumpet
    seafood stuffed mushrooms
    scallops wrapped in bacon
    scandinavian meatballs
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  • We are having 3 passed HDs. That is what the venue recommmended for our party size (150 ppl). Hope that helps! We haven't picked them yet though.
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  • we have 3 different types of passed h'orderves (1 piece of each per person) and two displays, a fruit and vegtable display and a chesse and cracker display. Our cost was already included in the cost pp for dinner.
  • Agreed with everyone else. 3-5 max.
  • I responsed to the other post, but obviously TK was hungry.

    We have 5 passed apps, plus a fruit/cheese display:
    -beef filet on crostini
    -sesame chicken skewers
    -mini crab cakes
    -veggie spring rolls
    -puff pastry with goat cheese and sundried tomato

    I think 4-6 apps is plenty, have at least two that are vegetarian. And looking at the site, I think their less expensive ones all sound great! No need to spend $2 more when you can get shrimp tempura for $1.50!
  • I think 3-4 max. You are seving a full meal so you dont want people to eat too much before dinner!
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  • We have a cheese/vegetable stationary display along with 4 passed:
    -Coconut shrimp
    -Bacon wrapped scallops
    -Fried Ravioli
    -Stuffed Mushrooms
    I think 3 is enough and  more than 5 is a waste of money.
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  • We are having 4 options.  Are you having them at a table or passed h'orderves?  I ask because our venue discouraged us from having h'orderves that are skewered or have sauces if they are passed since it can be awkward for guests.  I thought this was good advice and thought I would share.
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  • Um, I'm from NJ so I think we have over 30 choices for cocktail hour... I've already warned my out of state guests that there is dinner on top of it.

    Looking through the list, I think I'd do 1-2 things with chicken, 1 with fish, 1 with beef and 2 veg things.

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  • We have 5 passed hors d'ouevres and 2 displays: 1 cheese, 1 antipasto.  We also balanced our hors d'ouevres and our dinner. We're serving chicken for dinner, so we didn't pick any chicken hors d'ouevres. We wanted to a variety.

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  • Ditto, Diamond I have been to NY weddings with huge buffet spreads, carving stations, fajita bar BEFORE platted dinner...

    Our package includes with choice of 8 hors d'ouevres and cheese/crudities display in the per person price.
    We choose 2 vegetarian, 3 seafood, 1 lamb, 1 chicken, 1 beef.

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