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Proper new job update... as requested

I FINALLY was able to get a new job!  For those of you who don't know, my "main" job is with a med school, hospital, and veteran hospital (yes, 3 locations).  I was on salary but with NIH (National Institute of Health) getting a budget cut our grant funding got cut as well so I had to be moved to part time in order to actually be able to do any science.  Well, I knew it was coming for about 4-5 months but didn't want to really look because I wasn't sure when it would actually happen.  March 5th was the date I became part time. 
After applying to what seemed like a TON of jobs, I was starting to get a little discouraged.  Now, after a month of being paid pretty little, I found a great job.  I just finished orientation so I'll officially be working next week.
I now work for an agency that primarily helps people with disabilities (mental and physical).  The agency does a number of things but I'll be working in the rehabilitation department.  As clients come in, I'll be assessing their abilities and finding out their interests to find a match for them.  Each client will work with me for a few weeks and then will move into a program where they work toward their dream jobs by having goals and tasks to do.  I'll meet with them after they complete all the goals and reassess them to help get them back into the community working on their own.

I've only just now completed training but I LOVE it there!  It's a great feeling to see people "graduate" from the agency to having their own jobs and know I'll be a part of it.  I've met people with a number of different disorders and can't wait to work with them.  It's definitely a much more rewarding job than my "main" one with the med school and I'm really excited about it.

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