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Who's having an outdoor ceremony?


Re: Who's having an outdoor ceremony?

  • Our ceremony is outside and is starting at 5:00pm
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  • It will be at 5:30... You guys have your whole reception timeline planned?  I have no idea where to start.  I guess I need to talk to the venue coordinator but I don't even know what questions to start with ! 
  • our ceremony will be at 3pm ...by the lake in pickering...sunday wedding
  • Our ceremony starts at 5pm.  The sun doesn't set until around 9pm in Seattle in June, so that would be too late for the ceremony!  We are also taking a "time out" during the reception to take some pictures at sunset.
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  • ngkrngkr member

    We're having it on a beach; ceremony + reception outdoors (with a very large gazebo). Cocktail reception will be at 6, ceremony will be at 7:15, just before sunset. Dinner at 7:30, dancing later. We have the venue until quite late, so we were mostly trying to time the ceremony with the sunset.

    Sunblock is a good idea - if we were doing it earlier, I would definitely try to provide it for guests (perhaps putting it in the bathroom with other toiletries). We will be providing towels for anyone who dips into the water, and blankets for anyone who gets chilly from the sea breeze at night.

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