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What is everyone including their programs?

So far I have the order of the ceremony, wedding party, list who the memorial candles are for and a little thank you note at the bottom
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Re: Programs

  • Pretty much the same as you.  I'm planning on having the wedding party with the order of the ceremony (very short ... mostly just to list the songs) on one side and on the other side I will have our thank you and a quote at the bottom.
  • Wedding party, order of ceremony, memorial section with a note then the names, and a brief thank you
  • thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything
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  • I am doing the ceremony, bridal party, Memorial and thank you
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  • I was working on this today.  My current draft includes a title page (names, date, name of church, city), the order of ceremony, wedding party, memorial, thank you, and a quote with one of our engagement pictures on the last page.  I might add a short line or two about how we know the members of our wedding party. 
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    We've decided not to do programs in order to save paper. We have introductions to everyone in the bridal party on our wedding website, and the ceremony will be pretty straight-forward. Any liturgical call and response type stuff will go up on the powerpoint.
  • Ceremony Info, Wedding Party, "In Memory" section and short thank you

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    [QUOTE]Ceremony Info, Wedding Party, "In Memory" section and short thank you
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  • We're doing the same as you, but we're also including directions to the reception on the back page. Even if you do an insert in the invitation with directions, I doubt most people will remember to bring it with them. We also considered printing the music for the hymn we'll be singing, but since it's at our church I think we're just going to list the page number that it's found.
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