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I have a lot of questions!!!! NEED HELP PLEASE!

*****What are you guys getting your grooms????
*****Are you having a seating chart? If so are you making it or how are you doing it??
*****I will have about 200 guest, I have a chocolate foutain and my cake maker said that 130 servings is enough for cake. Do you guys think that will be okay?

I think that is it!!! Happy Planning and thanks in advance!

EDIT-- 2. I am having a buffet and I am having tables assigned for everyone but not seats. What are you making your seating chart out of???
3. The chocolate foutain will have 5 different dippers.

Re: I have a lot of questions!!!! NEED HELP PLEASE!

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    1. I have no idea, but I already know he spent $200+ on my gift :(
    2. we're doing a buffet so we are having assigned table numbers, who they sit next to is up to them.
    3. Is the chocolate fountain just liquid chocolate? Do you have fruit or something to serve it with?  I'm not so sure about that one!

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    I got FI a really nice badger hair shave brush and some straight edge scales that he's been wanting.  I was also going to get him some cufflinks for the wedding, but he decided to not go with french cuffs.  With the shave brush, I'm also going to put together a gift basket with some other things such as "cold feet socks" and maybe some funny lottery tickets since it's "his lucky day" and a few other things.  We also consider our wedding bands "gifts" to each other.  

    I will be making a seating chart, but only for my own personal use.  I'll just draw one up on the computer.  I am assigning tables, but not seats.  I don't intend to display one because I don't think it's necessary.

    Lastly, I think it depends on how much your guests like cake and how they intend to serve it.  At a plated wedding, they would typically give each place setting a slice, so you would need 200.  Since you are doing a buffet, they probably intend to cut the pieces and leave them out on a table for guests.  In that case, a bunch won't take a slice especially since you are also having a chocolate fountain.
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    1. I am getting FI the wedding and HM. We're helping pay for both, so that's our gift to each other.

    2. No, I hate seating charts.

    3. I have no idea. There always seems to be a ton of cake left over but I don't know if that's because people tend to over order or what. Have you gotten all of your RSVPs back yet?
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    *****What are you guys getting your grooms????

    I got him a nice watch he said he wanted

    *****Are you having a seating chart? If so are you making it or how are you doing it??

    I am assigning tables. not seats. I will write their names and the table name on escort cards and the table names will be in Tolsby frames w/ our e-pics and some of my bridal pics

    *****I will have about 200 guest, I have a chocolate foutain and my cake maker said that 130 servings is enough for cake. Do you guys think that will be okay?

    Are you having cake and the chocolate fountain? I like the PP's about if it is served vs having it out on the buffet for guests to take. I would have enough to serve everyone, I think you will get a better idea how much you need when your RSVP's roll in
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    1. I am with Midge, we are getting each other the wedding and the HM.

    2. No seating chart

    3. I would bump it up to 180 servings. That way if you have more than one flavor, people can pick and choose. Nothing worse than getting a slice of cake that you can't eat because of dietary restrictions. 

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    1. Most likely a Michael Kors / Burberry watch...
    2. We are doing assigned tables with hoping to have around 240-250 guest actually show up I am not assign each person a chair, here's your table, figure it out! Lol
    3. I would say that is fine! No one really eats cake, our actual cake feeds about 150 and than I have a back up slab just in case, but we also have a huge sweet table, with chocolate fountains, Italian pastries, etc..
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    We aren't getting each other gifts because we're helping to pay for the wedding and the honeymoon is really expensive so we don't need gifts too.  FI didn't even know people did that until I brought it up.

    We will have assigned tables but not seats.  I'll just have simple escort cards with the names written on & the table number.

    I think you'll be fine if you serve the cake buffet style since I agree with PPs that not everyone will take some when you have a chocolate fountain as well.
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    1. We are not really doing gifts. We are paying for the wedding and HM. We decided to do a few huge things on our HM and that's are gift to one another. We are doing a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia which is what I really want to do and we are taking cooking lessons which is something FI really wanted to do.

    2. We are doing assigned tables but not seats. We are making escort cards look like plane tickets which will be placed on a world map. Each table has a "postcard" which is a picture of us from certain places we have traveled as an example Macchu Piccu.

    3. It sounds like the cake should be enough. However, my mom (who is paying for the cake) wants to make sure we have extra so we are ordering enough to serve everyone. I am also super excited about my cake I love my bakery.  
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    1. I still have no idea. I really need to start working on whatever it is though.

    2. Yes, we're having a seating chart. I think it's nice that guests know what table to go to and don't want to wander around looking for a seat. It also makes it nice for you. You have a set number of chairs and tables and you don't have to account for people pulling chairs up to other tables or some tables not being full.

    2-b. Our escort cards are going to be cotton bolls with a card with their name and table number attached with a ribbon.

    3. I think that should be plenty with having cake as well. People will already be pretty full after dinner anyways. One word of warning though, stay as far away from that fountain and people eating from it as possible. Our friends had one and someone accidentally got chocolate on her dress.
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    1. (TMI) I am wearing panties saying Mrs. Goodine on them
    2. NO SEATING CHART we are having a luncheon after the wedding since is a Destination Wedding
    3. I think it is fine
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    1.  I'm getting him custom cowboy boots made.  They're MUY expensive but still half of what my wedding band is costing.  And he can re-sole them and have them for life, so I'm pretty excited.  He will never, ever know how much they cost.

    2. I'm not doing a seating chart or any sort of assigned tables/seating.  I'll mark a few tables as reserved for family and that's it.

    3. I think you might need to bump your cake up to 180.  Even though you have the chocolate fountain - people will still want to taste your cake.  So they'll get a piece and eat half of it.
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    *****What are you guys getting your grooms????
    A little black book full of boudoir pics.

    *****Are you having a seating chart? If so are you making it or how are you doing it??
    No- we are having a casual, hor d'ouevres reception, we are hoping people mostly mingle

    *****I will have about 200 guest, I have a chocolate foutain and my cake maker said that 130 servings is enough for cake. Do you guys think that will be okay?
    I would get enough for everyone.
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    What are you guys getting your grooms????

    We're paying for the wedding ourselves, so we're not really doing gifts.  I am however surprising FI with a groom's cake at the RD.

    Are you having a seating chart? If so are you making it or how are you doing it??

    Assigning tables but not seats.  I easily assigned the tables through weddingwire.com (TK woudn't let me have bigger tables).  I created two nice posters, will frame them and place them on the guestbook/escort table so that people can see what table they are assigned to and have table numbers on each table.
     similar to this: (not real names)
                                                                                Bride & Groom
                                                                                Wedding Date

    A                                                       F                                                   
    Adams, Betty.......................5       Francis, James & Rebecca....1    
    Anderson, Carl & Jessica....3    Fulmer, Aaron........................3      

    I will have about 200 guest, I have a chocolate foutain and my cake maker said that 130 servings is enough for cake. Do you guys think that will be okay?

    I would have more pieces because that is too big of a gap of guests to cake.
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    1. I'm not getting him anything. He hates getting gifts (because he's insane), he's impossible to shop for, he has had the same watch since he was 13 and never wants another one...but I do have some special wedding night surprises for him...so we'll call that his gift.

    2. We are doing escort cards (just the traditional tented ones) because our venue requires it. People are assigned a table, not a seat. If you want examples of large post sized seating charts, my wedding planner designs them clicky

    3. How are you going to serve the cake/chocolate fountain? I went to a wedding where they had a Viennese table so we all ate that, and the wedding cake was just an afterthought that they had sliced up to take home on the way out. They had SO MUCH leftover wedding cake. But weddings that I've been to where they bring the cake around to the tables most people at least taste the cake. I think you need cake for at least 75% of your guests. 
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    1.  I'm getting him a reallllly nice bottle of scotch and some fancy scotch glasses (he's a huge scotch snob, haha).

    2.  We're assigning people to tables, but not seats.  We're planning on displaying our escort cards on a ribbon board placed on a table next to the guestbook.  Sort of like this:

    3.  Generally bakers tend to know best how fast their cake/desserts will go.  However, you know your guests better so go with your instincts.  If your guests have a big sweet tooth, or tend to like cake better, increase the cake by 20 slices at least.  And be sure to have them available to eat at the same time or one will definitely run out before the other.
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    I'm glad I read this because I got some good ideas!
    1. I am making FI a video that I was planning to play at our rehersal dinner. I went around and videotaped all of our married friends and family without him knowing and had them answer on camera what the secret to a successful marriage is.  Most of them were really funny so hopefully he'll enjoy it.  I still have to edit it.  
    No one has bought anything he registered for yet so I guess I'll keep an eye on it and maybe buy him sometime like his steak carving board or whiskey glasses that he wanted...

    2. I was going to do a seating chart, but now that I read what everyone else said it seems a lot better to not do one.  I'm organizing my RSVPs on TK and they have a seating chart program on there so I was going to do that.  

    3. I would get enough cake for everyone that RSVPs.  We got more than enough.  Someone in my family will take it home and eat it if we don't finish the whole thing!  But it would be a shame not to have enough for everyone.  It sounds delicious!
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    What are you guys getting your grooms? Myself.  We're paying for the wedding so we aren't doing gifts.
    Are you having a seating chart? If so are you making it or how are you doing it?  I'm not having a seating chart but assigning tables.  Once I get the RSVPs back I'll create circles on a piece of paper and give everyone a post-it tab to put around tables until I'm happy with it.  I'll then write it down and do the escort cards.
    Do you guys think that will be okay? I would get enough cake for everyone who RSVPs.  Yes, some do not like cake but I'd rather have enough than not enough.
     What are you making your seating chart out of? Not making one.  My escort cards will be river rocks that will each have a guest's name on the front and the back will have the table number.  I'll have a sign on the table with the rocks explaining it.

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    I've never heard of the gift for bride and groom, I thought the wedding and HM was a gift. So no we aren't doing gifts and we are paying for everything ourselves as well and are just really happy to spend time with each other and our loved ones so that is our gift.

    We are not doing any type of seating chart. We are fortunate to have a venue where we don't have to have one.  I want all the guest to be as comfortable as possible since most of FI friends and family don't know any of mine. I would like everyone to mingle as they please and we are doing a fairly small wedding of about 100.  

     I always think of that movie "You Again" when I think of seating charts, where they are at the RD and the FSIL invites the brides exs who is still in love with her, and he asked the guy "see this sign, it says Tim, is your name Tim??" LOL love that movie.

    I would probably make sure that you at least get enough cake for the number of guests you expect, I would rather have more than not enough.
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    1. Not getting the groom anything.  I got him a watch for an engagement gift months ago.  We are paying for the wedding mostly on our own so we are giving each other the wedding.
    2.  We are not doing a seating chart becuase I didnt know where to get something printed that large.  We are doing tented escort cards that just say NAME, TABLE #.  They will be on a table in alphabetical order near where people walk in.
    3.  I would plan on enought dessert for everyone, then have some left over.  Can you wait until you have your final count of RSVPs? 
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    1. We cant really afford to do gifts for each other. The wedding and honeymoon are our gifts 2. I just bought stuff to do my seating chart today. You can look it up on pinterest. You just take poster board and trace a bowl for however many tables you have. Then you write names on the skinny post it's. That way you can move them around and color coordinate them to your family, his family, work and friends.
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