June 2012 Weddings

Time to buy sparklers for the send off!

I don't care if everyone and their mom has a sparkler send off these days.  I like them.  I think the pictures looks awesome.  We're doing one.

I grew up in NJ, where you couldn't legally buy fireworks, but FI has always lived in Virgina and knew that this is the time to hit up the fireworks stands (they set them up in parking lots along the highway).  They start doing "buy 1, get 2" deals right before July 4th.  The day after, they will have even better deals and we'll pick up some more.

So, FI picked up about 15, 20" (2-3 minute burning time, I think) sparklers already.  I told him to get 36" (4-5 minute burning time), but he said they were so, so long that he couldn't see it looking right in picutres.

This weekend, I'll try out my first sparkler ever in my life.  :)
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