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Wedding Morning Timeline - Getting Ready - MUA?

WIll you share the schedule of events for the morning leading up to whenever you start pictures/ceremony? 

I'm really struggling to visualize what this will all look like.

Re: Wedding Morning Timeline - Getting Ready - MUA?

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    This is totally just an idea that I hashed out last week for my wedding. We haven't even set an exact time for the ceremony yet, but maybe this will help a little? I like having plenty of time for transition and not feeling rushed and I also know I won't be able to sleep past 7am b/c I'll be too excited to sleep!

    7:00am, wake up, eat, shower, pack for the day, relax
    9:00am – 12:30pm, ladies meet at hair salon to get our hair done (eat snack)
    1:00pm – 2:00pm, arrive at church, each lunch (someone stop at Subway and pick up sandwhiches?)
    2:00pm – 4:00pm, makeup and get dressed

    4:30pm, Ceremony . . . .

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    7am:  Wake-up, Shower (I'll probably be up earlier though)
    8-11am: Hair and make-up at the salon (this is tentative depending on how many will be getting stuff done)  We'll probably be snacking during this time as well.
    11:30am: Bridal party pictures (Me with the ladies, FI with his GM)
    12:15pm: First Look
    1pm : Ceremony
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    I have a timeline put together but it is at work.. so here it is Roughly.

    6:30 AM Wake up
    7:00-9:00 Decorate Reception and Ceremony Sites
    9:15 Breakfast at Resort
    10:30 Start getting ready.. Hair Makeup and etc.
    12:00 Light lunch
    2:30 Photographer arrives
    2:45 put on dress, shoes, garter (picture stuff)
    3:00 Leave for Ceremony
    3:30 Ceremony

    I am not sure how long it is going to take us to decorate. The earliest we can be there is 7.. I have enlisted lots of help so hopefully it doesn't take too long. But I have to do everything linens, centerpieces, and etc. I also didn't want to feel rushed to get ready. My friend got married in Sept.. she was in no real rush and we started getting ready around noon (with one hair stylist) The ceremony was at 4 and we didn't get it started till about 4:45 I do NOT want to do that. I figured a nice relaxing breakfast get ready, mimosas and etc.

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    I don't really know. I am having a hard time though.

    12am- Hair. We can get into the venue at 12 for sure, maybe earlier but I am not planning on it for obvious reasons. :P

    3pm or 4pm- First look and almost all of the pictures.

    11pm- Pack up and get ready to leave venue. (They clean up, we just have to take what we want to keep)
    12am- Out of venue. No later!

    My timeline sucks, I know. I am really hoping we can get in earlier and do hair, I would like to have the ceremony earlier so we have more time to do the reception stuff. :(

    EDIT: Maybe I will do hair at our house as a back-up plan. I really don't want to push the ceremony and all that too late. I would like to have it earlier so we have time to have fun at the reception.
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    I am also having a really hard time with this.
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    I'm getting ready at a hotel that's 5 minutes away from my venue.

    10:30am - Start hair and makeup
    12:00pm - Small lunch and toast
    12:30pm - Put dress on, photos
    12:45pm - Send FI and BM to venue
    1:00pm - Send MOH and mom to venue
    1:15pm - Send myself and dad to venue
    1:30pm - First Look photos, family photos, etc
    3:15pm - FI waits under tent, myself to the house for my "entrance"
    4:00pm - Ceremony begins

    I'm hoping I've left enough time for everything... this is just a rough draft so far!
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    My photographer and coordinator both produce day of timelines. Mine has to be adjusted now, since we can't get into the church until 11am, when we thought I could get ready starting at 9:30am... So we'll arrive, put on dresses and start pictures. But we have to be done by noon so we can be "hidden away" again before guests start arriving for the 1pm ceremony. I think I'll just go to a salon the night before to have rollers put in, then go to the MUA studio morning off. I'm not doing and updo, I'm leaving my hair down and long under my mantilla. But I have no clue when to start everything, and make sure I eat lunch. I love the cards with pictues and times for the bridal party like this (clicky).

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    My wedding isn't until night, but here's my basic timeline anyway.  I will be sleeping at my parents' house the night before the wedding and that is where we are getting ready.

    Try to sleep in
    12ish - Hairstylist arrives
    2:30ish - MUA arrives
    I'm sure my mom will get some lunchmeat and rolls to have sandwiches while we are getting ready.  Maybe we'll watch some chick flicks or play some games to pass the time.
    4:30 - Time I want to be ready with hair and makeup so photographer will probably arrive around then.
    5:30 - Head to venue 15 mins away
    6-6:45 - Getting dressed, touchups, pictures
    7 - Ceremony begins
    7:30-8:30 - Cocktail hour
    8:30-12:30 - Recption
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    My DOC will make ours for us, but right now, it is looking a little like this:

    7 AM - wake up, shower, get everything together, leave and pick up breakfast.
    8:30 - arrive at venu, eat breakfast w/BM and relax.
    9:30-11 Hair and MU 
    11-11:30 dress and get ready
    11:30-1:30 photos hide bride away for guests arrival
    2 - gutest start arriving
    2:30 - Ceremony starts
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    At this time, I will make a rough draft and go over it with my wedding planner. I will see her on Monday at Four'oclock.
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    Ok here is my Rough Draft

    7:00 – 8:00Wake- up /eat breakfast

    8:00- 9:00 Take Shower and relax

    9:00-10:00 Hair and Make-up

    10:30-11:00 prayer over the bride for marriage (Snack)

    11:00- 12:00 Take photos of the bride and bridesmaid

    NooN- Ceremony Begins

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    I'm meeting with my planner on the 28th to talk about the timeline however I do know that by

    1:00 -  limo set to arrive at hotel/leave hotel 
    1:15 - get to venue for pictures (with my girls/my family)
    2:00 - head to the church before guest arrive

    3:30 - Ceremony begins !
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