June 2012 Weddings

Have you run into hidden fees at venues?

I'm kind of shocked at the hidden fees at some of the venues around here.  We are looking at vineyards and inns.

The vineyards are pretty up front about pricing and the fact that they include tables, chairs, linens, china, and glassware in their prices.  Our top choice oringally, though, sent me a real bill from a 150 person wedding and while the per person price on the food was fine, it essentially doubled with staffing charges, set up, clean up, etc.

Then we thought an inn would be perfect.  Their fee was higher, but it included "exclusive use" of the property.  We thought that was perfect for out of town guests.  Two days later, we were told that exclusive use was just for the first floor of the inn and the grounds.  We were required to pay for 2 nights for each of the 17 rooms.  If our guests didn't take up the rooms, we paid for them. It worked out to be $13,000 extra!!!

Finally, we found a vineyard that is partly run by an event planner who is as annoyed by these fees as the I was and she told us that the per person prices includes wait staff, tables, chairs, lighting, sound system...everything.  Finally.

I think we found our place.  I don't want to jinx it, though.  We're going out there in person on Saturday. :)
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