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    I'm still waiting on about 90 people's responses but our due date is not until June 2.
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    I'm waiting on 17 and they were due yesterday. 3 of those are FI's cousin and family who live in SC. I knew they wouldnt be able to afford the trip so you'd think they would be one of the first to send back a "no" but nadda. I hope they arent planning to "surprise" us. I'm going to start hunting people down this weekend. Don't have final meeting with the cater until the 25th.
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    I've heard back from 33 of 90 guests.  Some are unsure of work schedules, some are still unsure if they can make it, and some are just lollygagging.  My deadline is the 22nd though so they still have a few days.
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    My deadline is tomorrow...and we have received 11. ELEVEN out of FIFTY-SIX. Frown I'm so angry and feel like if this was important to people, they would let us know somehow or another (I HAVE heard from a few people either by phone or on FB.). I don't want to call or message anyone I haven't heard from because I'm really afraid someone will say "OMG I forgot...when is it again?" I think I would die if that happened (it's happened with other events I have hosted). My sister is catering, and I know she is planning on making more than enough food anyway. So maybe we'll have a few surprises, but it bothers me to no end that people couldn't open the invite and put the RSVP card right back in the mail. I mean, how long does it take to make a check mark and seal the envelope? Seriously.
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