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Must Have Wedding Photo?

So today is officially my one year mark.  Sadly, I haven't been on here in a while.  Before when I was working I was on TK constantly like an addict...you would think that not working would make me even more obsessed, but somehow that isn't the case.  Anyway, today I celebrated by going with my two maids of honor to look at dresses.  Found two that I liked a lot, however, I don't think they were at the "love" point.  (As a random side note, I wore a green shirt and my two friends wore pink shirts...my wedding colors...however none of it was planned!)

Then I went to our ceremony/reception site at the time we would be getting married (5pm) and took pictures of the gardens and tent and everything about the grounds.  It was beautiful!  Sunny, light breeze, and 78 degrees...absolutely amazing.

Anyway, in taking pictures I started to wonder what pictures I absolutely want to capture on this special day.  I was hoping you all could comment with a picture about photos that you think are a must have on your wedding day.  

Thanks!  As of tomorrow, we will all have less than one year to go!!!  :)
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