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garter question

So, I know some have opted for eliminating the garter toss, but I am not one of them and I have a question.

I want to have a 'personalized' wedding but of course within a budget. My 'theme' is peacock feathers and I found this cute garter but idk how much is usually spent on a garter.


Or should I just get a simple garter and just forget about the personalization? (There aren't many feathers the actual day of the wedding. Feathers will be seen on the buttonierres (did I spell that right?) and BM bouquets)

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    I like the idea of the peacock feather on the garter but I think you could get one better looking than the one you linked.  Are you crafty at all or know someone who is?  I've seen people on the DIY board make their garters before and I think a few posted directions.  I'm just thinking the DIY route because it would be cheaper.

    Or maybe find a generic one that you really like that has a flower or something on it where you could attach the feather under.
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    I have to agree.  The one you linked to isn't outrageously expensive, but it is certainly toward the higher end of garter prices.  For instance, you can pick up a rather generic though very nice set at Save-On-Crafts for $18.

    I doubt a garter would be terribly hard to make; it's really just a ruffled sleeve with elastic inside.  If you're not very sewing savvy though, I'm sure you can pick up a very basic garter set at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics or AC Moore (depending on what's available in your area) using a 40% off coupon and save even more money.  Then you can pick up some peacock feathers, ribbon, lace, whatever you want to make your own garter set, likely for way less than the ones on Etsy.

    Of course, it ultimately comes down to your time and just how much you're willing to do for something that is arguably rather trivial in comparison to many other aspects of your wedding day.  I personally make trips to Michaels a few times a week (I live close by and never EVER think to make a list...) so this would be easy for me, lol.
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    I too love the idea of a peacock inspired garter. But I think the link is a very simple garter with a small feather on it, which you could do yourself for much cheaper. Or if you're not into the DIY, in the etsy search engine, type 'peacock garter', sort by lowest price first, and there are many similar ones to your link, but cheaper.
    I would love to see the peacock feather be a little more prominent, something like this maybe (clicky). 
    Good luck and let us know/show us how it turns out!
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  • I agree with what all the PP's have said. I think you should do the peacock/personalized garter. Personalized garter makes it more special.

    I am getting one done in orange/white checkered board (like University of Tennessee football endzone) since that is as close to a theme as we get. 

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  • Here is my absolute favorite peacock garter set (one to toss, one to keep)

    I know - super expensive, but way pretty.  This seller has a few other peacock garters if you'd like to check them out.  Also, I agree with PPs, you can always try to DIY them.

    In the end though, I really do like the peacock feather garters.  I plan to have one as well even though we won't be doing a garter toss and it doesn't match with our colors.  I just don't know of any other time I'll get to wear a garter.
  • i bought mine and my sisters from artfire and they are goregous (and go with our colors)! Here is the link I got when I searched their peacock garters and they are very reasonable!

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