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Calligraphy Prices

I have a lady that has graciously offered to do the calligraphy on my invitations for free.  She initially said that she'd do 100 for free, as a wedding present, but then changed it to up to 200. I'd really like to pay her for any over the initial 100, but she won't tell me what her rates are.   We have inner and outer envelopes.  What would that cost if I were paying someone to do it?  I'd also like to get her a nice gift.  Do you all have any suggestions?

Re: Calligraphy Prices

  • The quotes I've seen are 12 per in invite. You could always get her a gift card for a nice restaurant in her area, if she is likely to turn down payment.
  • I generally see them anywhere from $9-$12 per invite - agree w/ Daria. A GC to a nice place would be ideal if she won't accept payment in another form.

  • Sorry I meant 12 per invite, if you use someone on Etsy, not 12! Local to NYC you are talking 510 per invite.
  • Frakking hell TK Mobile won't acknowledge hyphens. One to two dollars not twelve you TwatKnot.
  • We paid about $2.75 per invite - this is what our calligraphy looked like
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  • I paid $1.00/invite for mine. But no inner envelopes or return addresses.... it would have been an additional $1.00/invite to add the return address and inner envelope.
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    [QUOTE]We paid about $2.75 per invite - this is what our calligraphy looked like
    Posted by KDough[/QUOTE]

    Those are so pretty!! 
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    Ours are $2.50 for outer & rsvp

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