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Interesting requests from the groom?


Re: Interesting requests from the groom?

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    [QUOTE]FI wanted to make sure we had a sit-down dinner because he has heard the horror stories where the bride and groom never get to eat. He also wants fishing ties included in the boutineers and beer at the reception.
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    FH had the same request - a sit down dinner ... He said if the wedding is not going to be until 6pm, he needs FOOD soon afterword, nit finger sandwiches but MEAT.

    He suggested the minister from the Princess Bride as our officiant followed by Yoda and Capt. Kirk - all those ideas were vetoed after I finished laughing and let him have his meat for the reception
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  • Kilts were his request...  His fashion advice is questionable as is.  lol.  I actually shot this down because of the possible craziness by the end of the night (it's bad luck to wear underwear underneith) and my 8 year old (who is on his side) would copy.  :) He agreed with uniforms.  
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    My FI has been involved in a lot of the planning and completing tasks I give him. He did have some things he wasn't willing to compromise on, luckily I either wanted the same thing or didn't care all that much.

    His biggest thing was that he wanted him and his groomsment to wear Chuck Taylors. He hates dress shoes and wanted to wear something comfortable. Everyone knows they are his favorite so no one will be surprised except maybe his wealthy uncle. When he told his Dad, his Dad said... "if you really wear those sneakers I think you're uncle Jack will take a heart attack!" FI response "Maybe you should have an ambulance on standby then." lol

    He also has an extensive "do not play"list for the DJ

    I wanted to have cupcakes instead of cake but he asked if we could have an actual wedding cake and it seemed like it was something he really wanted... so I gave up the cupcakes since he didn't object my chocolate fountain request:)

    He wanted a buffet dinner because he "hates picking his meal 3 months before he's going to eat it and not getting enough to fill him up"

    He was adament that he wanted the honeymoon  to be "relaxing and a whole lot of sitting on a beach"

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  • FI has not been adamant about many things.  I do the research then check with him before making anything final.  His main request was HM at Universal Studios Wizarding world of harry potter.  We compromised, 2 days at Universal then 4-5 in the Keys.  
    I was also suprised by his opinion of invitations.  I made up about 20-25 options, he hated anything with a monogram (he just doesnt get the intials), or anything that looked like a logo for a business.  Haha.  It was funny.
  • FI has spoken up here and there some surprised me others didn't. He was adamant about our Pastor, which I found a little odd coming from him. I have met this Pastor before and he's great so I didn't argue, but just found odd. We have to do classes and can't not live together once we start classes to the wedding. I thought that would make FI change his mind, but it didn't. For the reception his voice was buffet & open bar, OK. He was being a super diva about his ring!! Finally got it ordered after the 4th choice! Shesh! Lol. He didn't care to much about what the cake looked like, but definitely the flavors!! And the honeymoon, sigh.... I wanted to go on a cruise, he's adamant about not going on one. I told him I want to go somewhere WARM and where I can just relax and do some excursions. He suggested Vegas, eh. We've been there before and while we enjoyed ourselves, it's just not a place I want to go for our honeymoon. Next he suggested Hawaii. I would LOVE to go, but financially after paying for the wedding, I don't think it's a feasible option. He refuses to go to Mexico, he watches WAY to much History channel..Ugh! I'm now thinking the Keys?! I'm crossing my fingers we can come to an agreement on something! LOL
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