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Dress is done and ready to go! (PIP)

Just picked up my dress today after alterations were completed. They didn't mention coming back in for a final fitting and I don't really know how this works, so I simply asked them if I needed to come in again. They said I could if I thought there was something else that might need to be changed.

I'm guessing it will be fine as it is - it fits great! There is a bit of a wrinkle across the front, but that's b/c I have super wide hips and the bottom layer is pulling a little. It really doesn't bother me and if I lose 10 more pounds like I'm hoping, then it will fit even better. I'm going to try it on at home a few weeks before the wedding and if it still fits great, then no need to go in again.



Re: Dress is done and ready to go! (PIP)

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