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June 2012 Weddings

[another] Engagment party review

   We also had our engagment party this past saturday! It was a joint engagment party with my FSIL [FI's sister] and her Fiance because they are getting married 3 months after us. FI's mom and dad hosted at FFILs house and we helped clean prep and bake all day. I made candy and caramel apples which ended up being a huge hit! We made chicken kabobs marinated in three different things, and used peppers, onions tomatoes and zuchinni on them, they turned out great and me FMIL, and FSIL had a blast putting them together. 
  The weather held out for most of the day, but we had a tent set up near our covered deck just in case. Which ended up being a smart move because later in the evening it started raining. The guests consisted of three families [Mine, FIs & FSIL's and fsil's Fiance]  and our bridal parties. We chatted and showed off our engagement photos and ate great food and listened to good music. 
   FI's aunt made us shirts with the cheshire cat on it to go with out Alice theme, and she made FSIL and her FI shirts that went with their steampunk theme, they were the cutest things and so thoughtful, we all ended up wearing them the entire night!

   As the evening came to an end around 11 pm [ party started at 3 ] we said our goodbyes and thank yous and finished cleaning up!

All in all we had such a blast visiting with all of our family and friends, and there wasn't  to many downsides or regrets for the day.

Cons/regrets were:
I wish I had done more of the prep work before the morning of. We were all running around to get everything done before 3 that I ended up looking frumpy by the time the party started.

One of my bridesmaids didn't show and and around four I got a text from her saying she didn't realize that it was today [I didnt get the text til much later] It's not really a big deal but still kind of a burn since we had just talked about the party a million and five times that week because she kept asking when it was.

One of FSIL's bridesmaids didnt show up [we're each others MOHs lol] but fsil wasn't worried aboout it because she lives a little ways away and has a family

It was muggier than hell and there was a hurricane coming! LOL Not much you can do about that though.

I wish we had decorated a little more, but also NBD because people were to busy enjoying themselves and there food to care!

The thank you notes have been written to our guests thanking them for their generous gifts and their amazing company and were sent out yesterday.
Now I cannot wait for the wedding!
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