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TGIF - FINALLY! What's your weekend plans?

What is everyone doing this weekend?

Re: TGIF - FINALLY! What's your weekend plans?

  • We are driving up to Baltimore this weekend.  My sister graduates from college tomorrow and my friends and I are going out for my bachelorette.  Fancy dinner Saturday night and a spa day on Sunday :)  Can't wait it' been a LOOOONNNNG week
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  • tonight: painting the kitchen cabinets some more

    tomorrow: more painting in the morning then going to a wine festival with FMIL and some friends; then cookout tomorrow night at at FI's friends house

    sunday: work at one of my PT jobs then more painting. We really want to finish these cabinets this weekend
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    Today: working, babysitting, and relaxing.

    Saturday: Going to see The Avengers since I've been in AZ most of the time it's been out, shopping for new house stuff, working on the garden, and DIY stuff.

    Sunday: Getting my dress alterations done and working on DIY stuff.
  • well, i have to paint my motheres bathroom....its about time...also its victoria say weekend in canada....we will probally check out some fireworks
  • This is our last weekend of no obligations until like September. Tonight: run, wine tasting, thai food and then our apartment complex is having a party so we might hit that up. Tomorrow: errands, working on excursions for our honeymoon a few other WR tasks. Sunday: hopefully relax by the pool
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  • Today: I have a job interview and then FI is taking me out for lunch.

    Saturday: We are finishing up our move from an apartment to a house, we just have a few more boxes to move and then cleaning to do. 

    Sunday: Going wedding dress shopping for my best friend and meeting all the other girls in the wedding party.
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    K3 - Good luck with your interview!

    Tonight - Joint couples shower and cornhole party.

    Tomorrow - Church shower and going to the Mellow Mushroom to celebrate FI's new job. Some of my friends who now can't make it to the wedding (Cry) are up from Florida with their baby I haven't met yet. If they're available before the shower, I'm totally visiting.

    Sunday - Church & putting all of the gifts from the showers in their proper places. Hopefully nothing else crops up.

  • ZOMG Megan you're going to love Avengers. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's a long weekend here in Canada, so we've got Monday off as well. Victoria Day, a celebration of the Queen's birthday.

    Tonight I'm going to try and get our grocery shopping done, depending on when FI comes in off the road.

    Tomorrow, I'm going with FSIL to find her bridesmaid dress in the morning and then shopping for a dress for my bridal shower. I'm also going to try and find some clothes for the honeymoon - specifically, a swimsuit, some capris, and some comfy walking sandals.

    Sunday will be cleaning day around the house. I'll probably do some cooking too.

    Monday will be a family day full of relaxing and cuddles with the kiddos!!
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    [QUOTE]IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FINALLY HERE! K3 - Good luck with your interview! Tonight - Joint couples shower and <strong>cornhole party</strong>. Tomorrow - Church shower and going to the Mellow Mushroom to celebrate FI's new job. Some of my friends who now can't make it to the wedding ( ) are up from Florida with their baby I haven't met yet. If they're available before the shower, I'm totally visiting. Sunday - Church & putting all of the gifts from the showers in their proper places. Hopefully nothing else crops up.
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    FI and I will be playing some corn hole at the cookout tomorrow night, love cornhole!
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  • Today: Getting the RD planned
    Tomorrow: Going to Detroit all day
    Sunday: Church and sleep

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  • Tonight: getting some wedding stuff done

    Saturday: cleaning, laundry, foor shopping and getting my nails done with my mommy.

    Sunday: IT'S FINALLY OUR SHOWER!!!!!  I've been so excited and Fi has really kept me from looking at our registries at all so I'm super anxious.

    Midge I hope you get to see the baby!
    Meg Fi really wants to see that, have an awesome time!
  • Going home for another dress fitting and my shower!!  Super excited!
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  • Awesome Ash! We love it too. Just about every other Friday night in the summer is Cornhole night. We play for money, split the pot type deal where whomever wins gets half to split between the partners and the hosts of the party choose a charity for the rest.

    Shan, they're here for more than the weekend and I will see them before they leave. No ifs ands or buts about it. :) The father is one of my best friends and they're being kicked out of the house they're renting in FL because the landlord wants to move back in...jerk. So now the time they were going to spend up here has to be split between here and moving down there again. The moving part has to be later. :(
  • That really sucks, I hate when things like that happen Midge.  I feel like it's just so hard and wrong for people that are renting a house or apartment to suddenly be told they need to leave.  I'm glad you'll get to see them though!
  • Tonight: $1 tacos with Fi to celebrate our awesome work evaluations that we got back this week
    Saturday:: Fi's Shower (joint shower, kind of) and working hard on some WR things that we have procrastinated on
    Sunday: Fi leaves for work, so lots of packing up for me and moving back to my parents...hoping to be moved home by next week!
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  • Woohooo!!!!
    Every Friday makes it that much closer to being the Friday before our wedding!!!

    Tonight: Make more jam....clearly that's all we're doing right now. haha

    Tomorrow: My shower in FI's hometown, which should be very interesting.
    We're also going to try and make another batch of the jam.

    Sunday: Church (it's been waaay too long), hopefully going to the farmer's market, and making more jam. It would be a miracle if we can get all of it done by Sunday! I'm ready to move onto other wedding tasks!
  • tonight: pre-marital and dinner
    tomorrow: synagogue, meeting with venue about room layout, maybe a dancing lesson or working on our first dance/time w/ FI
    Sunday: massage in the morning, work on programs and the ceremony stuff in the afternoon and hopefully get some relax time in there...maybe sit by the pool...
  • Tonight: Hitting up the gym and not sure about anything else

    Tomorrow: spa day with my mom and sister (this will also include my hair and make up trial)

    Sunday: Some wedding and HM shopping
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  • Tonight: Dress fitting #2 at 3:45 (leaving early, last fitting was at 6PM and the day never ended!!)
     Banquet for college athletic program FI coaches at (I am dreading it, I don't like the school and he is quitting anyway... at least we get a free dinner)

    Tomorrow: Driving to Rhode Island for my friend's wedding!!!

    Sunday: Post-wedding brunch and driving back to NYC where I will have a mailbox full of RSVPs... and then making lasagna for dinner.
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  • Long weekend here:

    Tonight: BBQ, Wine & FI and I are going to start reading the new Jeffrey Archer book together.
    Tmrw:  FI is playing cricket so I plan on spending the day relaxing in the sun
    Sunday: Shopping with FI probably....need to get some summer clothes.  Brunch with some friends as well
    Monday:  Dunno...relaxing, maybe working on a couple wedding projects.

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  • chrmunchrmun member

    Grilling and softball.  All other time will be spent folding cranes.  That is all.

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  • I dont have any plans, anybody interested Wink
  • I don't have much planned, just the usual. Thanks for your interest!

  • It's FI's kids weekend

    Tonight: Doing something fun with the kids. I"ll be taking 3 of them to drive some go-carts and get ice cream while FI takes the other one to a movie maybe. Had a big scare with him yesterday (he got knocked out at school and has a concussion and maybe a fractured arm).

    Tomorrow: 2 of the boys have a baseball game. FMIL is going to stay with them while I take FI's daughter for our 2nd alterations appt. Working on other WR stuff after that, then dropping FI's kids off at their aunt's house for the night (going to a b-day party with them on Sunday). FI & I may go out for drinks when he gets off work at 10pm

    Sunday: TeamWalk for CancerCare. I can't walk it but I am going down there to support my mom and my son who will be walking it. I've done it with my son for the last 7 years so I am kind of bummed about it. Make-up trial at 2pm
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  • Today: Pick up mom from the airport then dinner with her and a few aunts
    Sat: BRIDAL SHOWER!!! and then games and hanging out with family
    Sunday: We are hosting brunch for everyone to come see the house
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  • FI is out of town until Sunday:(

    Tonight: staying at my parents' house to just hang out with my brother and mom.

    Saturday: going with my mom and future in-laws to pick out the flowers for the bouquets (been saving this until the last possible minute, guess it's finally time to get it over with) and look for my wedding band.

    Sunday: baby shower for my good friend from work.

    Monday is my shower at work and I'm so excited! :)
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  • Saturday: I'm sleeping til 1pm (after my 12 hour night shift tonight). My MOH will be in town at 2 and we are getting her dress measured/altered!!

    Sunday: My "wedding" shower thrown for FI and I by our mothers! I'm so excited.

    I really need these two days off in a row! :-)
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