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Hi ladies!! I know its such a long ways away but has anyone thought about wedding colors?? I'd love to share ideas! :)

I am thinking of having hot pink and a soft green as my main colors with black and white as background colors. For example, black tablecloth, white wooden chairs and pink/green flowers or other decorations on the table. Does that sound like too much? Pink is my favorite color and will be the bridesmaids dress colors, too.

We're planning on getting married at the beach, though, and I am worried that pink/green aren't really beachy colors. But I'm not so sure about getting married right on the beach. What do you think?
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Re: Wedding Colors

  • i have picked out colors and everything so ur not the only one lol...but my colors ins turquoise and chocolate....i want to have an outside wedding tho...my fiancee thinks im planning to fast but i want to get things out the way now so all i have to do is pay for it...lol i dnt want to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the last min lol....
  • Kedorsett- I think the pink and green are great! I think the black may be too much if you do go with a beach wedding. Maybe you can do a darker green instead or just do white with the pink and green.

    Blushing Bride-  I totally agree with you about the planning. I wanted a long engagement to be able to save and not stress over planning so much!  

    I am going with black and white. My wedding is going to be inside but we are having a baseball theme so I am pretty sure there will be other colors added to the mix.
  • My favorite color is yellow, so I really want that to be our main color.  For the secondary color, I really like yellow and light green together, so maybe that.  Otherwise, just white after that (maybe a little pink thrown in!)
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  • stmoreno-i thought i was the only one that felt that way.....but i think i maybe movin a lil too fast ive tlked too dj's venues....florist...lol...
  • Our colors are pink/white with silver accents. My mother died of breast cancer when I was 14, so the pink is a way to honor her :o)
  • i am doing yellow and dark blue, i love the way the contrast each other and they are 2 of are favorite colors.
  • hey! im doing a beach wedding too we are doing green and blue, but pink and green are good maybe a mellower pink and add sandy brown instead of black
  • heyy, we are doing baby blue, and black with accents of white and brown. may or may not be doing a theme but as of now those are the colors we chose. congrats everyone!

    blushing bride- where in nj are you getting married?

    he's my best friend <3
  • Hey everyone!!! I can't decide on the colors...at first I wanted to do like black, satin orange and silver...I thought it would be cute but then maybe too much like halloween?? Any suggestions??
  • shanell 08- when do you plan on gettin married?
  • June 16 2012 lol...I was thinking white and satin orange for more summer like but then one of my future bridesmaids said she didnt think it would look right so idk...I just like orange...I want it to be different:)
  • What about a orange and hot pink with silver accents? Thats very summery, colorful and cute!
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  • I'm doing lavender/chocolate/cream! I can't wait!
  • White and Black with pink and soft gold accents.
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  • I really think the pink idea is great!!  It will be gorgeous :)

    I'm in between a few color choices right now.  One is a turquoise blue, pale green, and white.  The green would be the accent colors, and the blue would be the main.

    The other choice is just turquoise and brown.  I love those two colors and am really leaning towards this one, so we'll see what happens :) 

  • I am doing some shade of pink and light yellow.  I may throw in orange... The colors were inspired by my favorite flowers, gerber daisies, which will be the flowers used also!
  • angle79- I have Longenberger dishes and my one color is cornflower.  I love it!
  • I'm doing navy blue and silver... I've always wanted a fairytale wedding... so our theme is cinderella.. the blue and silver seemed fitting.. and my fiance def thinks i'm crazy for all of the planning that i have done... chapel, reception place, and photographer are all booked... although the photographer was a fluke kinda b/c we won their contest on the website which covered half the photography package we were considering :)
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  • Hi!  Our wedding day is June 23, 2012 :o)  Just finalized the color decision last night!  I'm going with pink/fuschia and silver!  I am so excited!  Our wedding is outside at a beautiful botacal garden (reception indoors).  Planning is so much fun!  Lori
  • Hi ladies, we are planning a June 30th, 2012 wedding. Never to soon to start gathering ideas in my opinion. Our colors are red and diamond bling.
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  • Lolson -- My fiance and I are getting married on June 23, 2012 too! How exciting. We have (well I have) chosen our colors as sage green, with yellow and some orange accents - mostly in the flowers. I wanted very summery colors!

    I love doing the idea of an orange theme, for some of the other brides on here who said they enjoyed orange -- try pairing orange and hot pink, it is a very hot color combo right now!

    As for everyone else's ideas and colors, I love them! I just went to a wedding with baby pink and light yellow as the colors and it was beautiful. I also am talking to a friend who is planning her wedding with brown as the main color and dark reds and yellows as accents, if anybody needs ideas for late summer/early fall.
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  • I have  started planning and already found a venue and i am buying my dress this august. we are gtting married June 1 2012.. I am doing purples.. the  bridesmaid dresses are the color Sangria but my  accent colors are plum, lilac or lavendar.. and  when i mean  accent colors i am menaing flowers, and  i am having an outside wedding  with an insid  cermony.... I can't wait I even know the dresses my bridesmaids are going to wear and the shoes they are wearing as well as teh flower girl.
  • I am getting married June 2, 2010...we really have done no planning..I really want to start planning but I don't want people to tell me "whay are you plannign now you have a long way to go!"
    But the one thing that we have chosen is o rcolors...Black and white with red accents (blake and white tablecloths and red flowers)
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  • I'm doing yellow, black and white
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  • Hi girls!!! All your wedding colors sound beautiful. I'm planning on having pale pink or coral in my wedding. Instead of having different colors in different aspects of the wedding, we decided to stick to one color in different shades. I think the BM dresses are going to be pale pink/peach, the table linens in an ivory color, chiavari chairs in brown and ivory cushion, and centerpieces with white, pale pink, and coral colors. I'm also going to include pink lighting at the venue. I have my color palette on my planning bio if you girls need any ideas :o)
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  • pink/white with some black thrown in!
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  • We're thinking about red and a dark purple. With some white thrown in to break it up.
  • Hey all,

    I love all of those colors, it's very hard to decide. I'm getting married June 15, 2012 and my colors are purples-lavender & plum, lime green, & accents of aqua blue, tangerine orange & white. My wedding & reception will be held outside. The purples & lime green will be the main colors (wedding party colors) & the others will be for decor, flowers, etc. Still haven't figured everything out yet. I know I want chinese latterns, and strings of lights, just don't know what colors. Any ideas, anyone?
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    [QUOTE]June 16 2012 lol...I was thinking white and satin orange for more summer like but then one of my future bridesmaids said she didnt think it would look right so idk...I just like orange...I want it to be different:)
    Posted by shanell08[/QUOTE]

    I absolutely love your colors. They make me think of a creamsickle. I am starting a business makeing custom designed wedding pillows. What is the theme for your wedding? Just for the fun of it I am going to make a ring pillow with your colors; if your interested I will send you a picture and leave it to you if since this is your color idea as to whether you would like to purchase it. Question? Do you like lace? Give me the answers as soon as possible please. Thank you so much.
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