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Advice on nails

A month ago I had asked for advice about nails. I have never had my nails done professionally and needed some tips. I got some great advice from the Ladies on this board.
 I tried fake nails and discovered that I am not a nail person.Tongue Out  So I'm going to forgo nails and just have them cleaned up and polished for the wedding

Thank you again for the advice.

Re: Advice on nails

  • Have you tried shellac?  It's just super durable polish on your real nails.  This is what I'm doing!
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    I am doing a french with a blue line on solar nails.

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  • I did the gel nails, they are suppose to last for up to 2 weeks (I work with kids and my nails take a beating so my lasted a little over a week) 
    But it is your real nail, with gel nail polish. 
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  • Some nails are supposed to last "2 weeks" but it really depends on how fast your nails grow and how pristine you expect them to be. When I get mine on, I get them pretty short, so I can go 5-6 weeks between fills (they don't look the greatest after 6 weeks though). I'm getting mine filled for the wedding (had them put on for b-party) and then will probably remove them. I love having them, but I'm not a fan of the upkeep costs!
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  • I am also doing gel/shellac nails.  I keep my nails short and am going to do a french mani/pedi with a red line under the white part.  It's good that you did a trial though.

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  • Shellac all the way. I'm doing french tip shellac for the wedding. It won't chip or scuff.
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    I hate spending money on something I can do myself, so I'm filing and painting my own nails. I've been letting them grow, but they were driving me crazy, so I cut them a few days ago. As long as they don't break in the next few days, they should look pretty good.
  • I absolutely LOVE shellac.  I highly recommend it... I will never get acrylics again!  I'm doing it for my wedding.  Good luck!
  • I can't grow my nails out very long so I got acrylics.  They looked great for the wedding but they started lifting about the 4 or 5th day.   Its really annoying when they lift, I keep getting my hair stuck under them.  I was thinking about keeping them on and getting them filled but they are really annoying now.  I'm on day 12, I'm going to try to take them off today.   oh fun soaking in acetone.
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