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June Brides - Starting Weight Loss?

I realize this could be on the weight loss board as well, but I was wondering if any of you June ladies have just started or have yet to start working out for your wedding.  I need to lose quite a bit in two and a half months, so I'm looking for some advice/guidance and to hear about what everyone else is doing.  At this point I don't even fit into my dress (getting it fitted at the last minute).

Think I can do 10-15 pounds before the wedding?  What would I need to do?


Re: June Brides - Starting Weight Loss?

  • I think if you are consistent in dropping 1 to 2 pounds a week you can do it. It isn't good for your body to drop more than 2 pounds a week in a short amount of time.

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  • Exercise!!!!!  I know from experience that it's not just eating that helps you lose wait!!  You need to do lots of cardio exercises to burn the fat off!  And don't forget to drinks lots of water.

    I have just started a new exercise plan that goes for 60 days so we'll see how I do with this!

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  • Start writing down everything you eat and drink.  Literally, everything!  That will help you look at your eating habits to see if you snack too much, drink too much sugary stuff, are eating unhealthily at certain times of the day, etc.  It will also help you track your calorie intake.  Consuming too many or too few calories will negatively affect your weight loss goals, but before you know how much is too much and too little, you need to have an accurate picture of what you've currently been consuming.  MyFitnessPal and sites like that are good at helping you track where you should be at in terms of caloric intake for your height, BMI, etc.  Next, you need to exercise more.  Whether it's joining a gym, renting, buying or YouTubing exercise videos, running or walking after work, you need to do something.  There's tons of simple 10-15 minute at home type workouts you can find on Pinterest and on various websites.  What I've always been told though, is that diet is 70-80% of the reason you lose weight, so focus on that and then make sure you're getting at least 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week to start with, and then ramp it up once you get into a habit of working out (pushing yourself too soon can lead to injuries). 

    The girls on the weight loss board will be a great resource, even if you just read some previous posts to see what other advice has been given.
  • I'm in the same boat so FI and I have become bff's with the Gym. Even if he can't go I push myself to go. We are also using MyFitness Pal again which is awesome esp if you have to eat out(friends bdays, FIL outtings etc). It helps you to make healthy choices.

    (I also agree with drinking lots of water. It flushes out your system and in general is just good for you!)
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  • I've been using MyFitness Pal.  My problem is that I can be good for 3 weeks a month, but the PMS week I want a plate full of salt and sugar.  Any tips on how to handle this?  I've lost about 4 pounds, but then keep losing and gaining the same 4 pounds. It's getting frustrating.  Luckily, my dress looks great at the weight I'm at, but I need to tone up my arms. 
  • I really reccomend Weight Watchers (and I know Ash will too!)

    I've lost about 40lbs using WW, and have less than 10 to go to hit my goal weight. Eating right is at least 70% of weight loss, so while exercise is for sure important to a healthy life style the best thing to do is learn to eat properly.

    Also, drink water like it's going out of style.

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  • I have a fitting tonight - I bought a size smaller and while I didn't lose much weight (3 lbs total), I did lose 4 inches off my waist! While I can fit my dress, it's still pretty snug in areas, so I'm going to run my butt off and drink a ton of water.

    My biggest problem is we're so rushed at home after work, I'm off late and don't have much time to cook before FI goes to bed (he works at 3am), so we usually go out to eat more than eating in. :/ We're breaking the trend though, have to.
  • Drink lots of water.  Before you have a snack between meals drink a full glass of water.  Also I really like www.sparkpeople.com  Once you sign up it will tell you how many calories you should be taking in to lose 1-2 lbs per week.  You can track all your food on the site and the also have a free app.  It gives you goals for other important nutrients too.  Make sure you are getting enough protein.  It will fill you up and last longer than carb filled foods.  The big thing is to watch your sodium.  It will just make your body hold on to the water.  Try to work in 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day and you should be good to go.  
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  • Commit yourself to eating right and exercising. My FI always tells me not to pay attention to the number. I've been dieting and exercising for 6 weeks. Have only weighed myself twice. I go off of how my clothes fit.
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  • I did calorie counting and myfitnesspal.com. I also excerise. However one of my friends told me she is doing am all raw diet. She lost 10 lbs on three weeks.
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  • What has worked for me is counting my calories. You don't have to work out if you stay withing your daily calories. (Exercise is a good thing though, for a healthy lifestyle.)

    I have been watching what I eat and trying to workout more. I have also lost a couple pounds just from switching to a more active job! Plus!! haha
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  • I agree with WW -- I'm using it -- still hoping to lose at least 10 lbs before the wedding -- and for me -- that's about a pound a week -- which is CERTAINLY do-able!

    While it is exercise -- make sure you eat well!  WW is awesome because not only does it show me what I've eaten -- but you're allowed to have cheat days....this past week I had ice cream (actually frozen yogurt -- but it was still just as good) from cold stone creamery -- as well as a baked potato with butter and sour cream (big no, no in the diet world) and still lost 1.3 lbs!!!!!  I just used my "cheat" points!!!

    Don't NOT eat any one item -- just eat them in moderation!
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  • Eat while, excerise often and you should be good.
    Try lemon water, it's suppose to be helpful when losing wieght.
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  • You can do it!  My big problem was drinking lots of soda and eating later at night.  Try and drink as much water as you can and try not to eat after 7.  I also started walking and lost 20 lbs in two months so good luck!
  • I am just starting to lose weight. if you have the $$ I suggest trying IT WORKS products. I tried the belly wrap 25.00 Per wrap. lost 4 1/2 in. off my belly in only 45 min...... it worked! you can use on arms,thigh,neck,face,tummy too!!!  they also sell defining gels, streach mark creams, weight loss pills, and many other products to help.
    Drink water all the time... Lots and lots of water.
    Snack often.... Keep fresh fruit around!
    Pass the high calorie, chocolate and candy on to your FMIL .( no need to have all that choc. and camdy when you can share the pounds.  ;)
    Walk...Walk....Walk........ even if you cant work out 5 days a week....... walk ......  I hope this helps!
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