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August 9th 2014?

We have set our date for Saturday August 9th 2014. Any date twins out there?

Re: August 9th 2014?

  • Me!! We're date twins!
  • I am the week before, I just want it to get here!
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  • My wedding is also August 9th, 2014!!!!:)

  •  We are also August 9th 2014
  • We are also getting married this date! Yay!
  • We're aiming for the 8th!
  • That is our date also.

  • Me :) We are doing a mid-afternoon wedding!
  • Another August 9th checking in :-) Already have the venue/caterer and many design elements already picked out.  My big goals coming up in the next 2 months include booking my photographer, DJ, and getting out the STDs!
  • Our date as well
  • That's my date as well! Just booked the venue and made the down payment today!
  • We booked our DJ today! 

    So far confirmed: venue for ceremony and reception, caterer, DJ and photographer... happy days! 
  • Hi Ladies and congratulations......... Another August 9, 2014 checking in......... Whoo hoo! Gonna be a GREAT day!

    Status so far: Venue, caterer, officiant, and bakery all booked.... Working on DJ, photographer, and videographer by the end of the summer before Fall semester begins.... STD's and some decor already purchased, still working on other small decor/style/theme types of things!!!

    Oh, and just bought my dress yesterday... total fluke... Went to a charity gown sale yesterday and found the dress of my dreams... (I think.. LOL)...

    Happy planning ladies.... Looking forward to this journey with you all!!!!

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  • @zgenous you're on the ball with planning lol. I'm just getting into the swing of things we are planning from across country which blows. We currently live in IL and are getting married in my FI's hometown in NC and I'm from VA. Hope to get a lot done in the next month or so while I'm on summer break from school. Happy Planning!!
  • @drmass2013 guuurrrrllllll I am trying... It's been a trying experience.. trust!!! LOL... I am trying to get as much done as possible before students return and classes resume... if not, I will find myself choking somebody right around mid-Spring semester.... LOL.. That's not a good look.... So, I'll be a busy little bee until then.

     When we first got engaged we had started planning with the idea of a desitination wedding to Key West... then i started thinking about all the planning and headaches that come with planning from a far, and that plan was 86'ed quickly.... But at least, you all have family/friends wehre you're planning, which should make it a little easier.....

    Happy Planning and Enjoy the process, as much as possible!! :-)


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  • @zgenous We wanted a destination wedding too but decided NC would be best it's an hour from my hometown and his family is all there. Leaving IL this week to go home for a few months and I'm so excited to get the ball rolling. We've been engaged since Dec 2010, and have postponed our date twice. I'm a Doc student, my FI just started a new business, plus we have a 15 month old son so we are finally making it official August 9, 2014. I'm graduating in May plus we are in the works of building a new house so it's a lot going on. I'm sure by mid-Spring I'll be about to choke somebody if I don't get it all together LOL. Happy planning and look forward to planning with you and the other August 2014 brides. 
  • Exactly ONE YEAR from today!!!!! :):)

  • OMG ladies... Can you believe it??? We are finally under a year til our big days..... Anybody feeling anxious/overwhelmed/scared????

    I am all of the above!!!!! LOL


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  • Hi date twins!! :) Wow, some of you are way ahead of me in planning...all I really have is a venue and probably an officiant...I guess that's all I really need, though, right? Ha!
  • we ordered our wedding bands last saturday...=)
  • Same date here!!!!
    So far we have the reception site booked, church is booked, photographer has his down payment and going to a cake tasting this month and a dinner tasting next month. Ohh and ordered my dress over a month ago lol was the first thing i did
    Super excited!!!
  • I am a twin as well --- in Vegas!


    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

  • Yay! I am August 9th of next year too. :) I recently got engaged and I am new to all this. Where do I start?
  • Aug 9th Bride as well!!!!

    Many details under the way! Just took our engagement photos can't wait to see them!
  • Me too! It's so weird seeing other people with the same date, lol
  • Me too!! 
  • My date is August 8th. Can I hop on this board with y'all? :) I'm planning from afar too...South Korea! I'm from Green Bay (Go Packers!) and moved here about six years ago. I met my fiance in my first year, and my heart belongs here now! Anyway, we're technicaly getting married in South Korea in April and then will be celebrating with my family and friends in August.

    If anyone's interested, there are a TON of differences between weddings here and in the US. Here a western-style ceremony (which most couples opt for) takes about twenty minutes and then your guests eat a buffet and then they all leave. Also, the weddings are usually in a building where one floor is the wedding hall which will have maybe three or four other weddings happening in different halls (rooms) and then the buffet will be on the floor above or below and all the guests from the different wedding parties share the same space. Weddings are not very emotional here. It's more like a business transaction. As a guest, you pay cash and then you get a meal. There are no registries.

    My fiance and I will be having a traditional wedding which means we both dress up in hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing, and we'll to the old customs. We'll still have a buffet for everyone after. Also, everything comes together as a "package" here. The flowers and photographer is provided by the wedding venue so you just pick "modern package" or "romantic package" and the flowers and decor are part of the venue price.

    Sorry if that's rambling, but its interesting seeing how different things are in other places in the world. OH, AND in the "western style" wedding, they cut a cake durring the ceremony which no one eats. yeah.... I was shocked. I told my fiance that that's gonna be one of the most important parts of our wedding in the US...the cake!

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