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A light house will always lead me home!

Almost 3 years ago, Jake took me out for our first date to eat at Red Rock at Lake Hefner. Jake's Birthday is July 11th and my brother in law Gerron's birthday is the 18, so my sister Kimberly asked me if I we could go shopping together on Thursday July 2nd, and shop for birthday gifts. I though that shopping was a good idea, I was off from work  and I was told by Jake that he had to work that night so it worked out perfect that I could go. Thursday comes, and Kimberly texts me to let me know that she was dressed up cute from work and that I should sort of dress up too so she will not feel awkward, well if any of you know me....I do not tend to dress up (if i do not have too) But i obliged and wore a sun dress. So we are off shopping, I really do not feel very well and I am tired, so poor Kimberly has to hear me complain a lot. We go shopping and she is taking me to every store ever made, toys r us, pier 1, hobby lobby....the list goes on and on; but finally we find gifts for who we were shopping for but Kimberly insists I try on clothes too, so I go in with ONE dress, and she keeps bringing in more and more (trying to kill time). She talks me into buying a really cute dress, and somehow she talks me into getting a manicure with her ( i liked the idea because it meant I got to sit down for a little bit), She then insists I wear my new dress to dinner, so I go into a bathroom at a near by store, AND THEY LEFT THE SECURITY TAGS ON IT! I am now just mad, tired, irritated and ready to go home! But she goes back to the mall and makes sure I am able to wear that dress to dinner.So now I have a manicure, a new dress on but still a bad attitude, and can this day get any worse? (Right when I get in the car, i lose a button to my new dress!!!!) BUT were heading off to dinner now, and we finally get there. When we get out of the car, It looks sort of busy and she asks if we want to walk around for a little bit and walk up to the light house on Lake Hefner. I say 'sure' so were walking and talking and we decide we are going to take some pictures together, but when we get to the light house from back behind it, out pops My Jake! I notice my sister Kimberly starts backing up and Jake pulls out a little black box, gets on one knee, and asks me to marry him!!! I of course say YES! I bend down to kiss him, and he sweeps me off my feet ( like he has for 3 years) and spins me around; but that is not the end of the surprise!He then tells me that he really does have a table for us four. (Myself, Jake and Sister Kimberly  and Brother in law, Gerron.) We walk into the restaurant Mama Rojas...and there is a HUGE table with ALL of our family- his side and mine! I am stunned! When we walk in we here cheers and congrats, hugs and kisses. My favorite part of the whole thing, our family got to watch from a distance the entire proposal! At the restaurant it has a perfect view of the light house so they said the saw him go down, me go down and then my feet twirling in the air. All in all, I stated earlier in the day " Could this day get any worse"-- the total opposite happened! It ended up being the best day of my entire life!

Re: A light house will always lead me home!

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    Your story is so awesome!! my fiance planned a suprise Birthday party for me with my fmaily that turned engagement party. What a GREAT way to do it. :)
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