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Hook on the end of my line

So, After Senior Prom we went to the resevior to go fishing. For like 5 days he gave me hints as to my big suprise on prom night. They led me to believe I was getting a fishing pole. When we got there, he told me I was right. It was a fishing pole. He baited his hook and had me cast it into the water and hold it because my pole didnt have a hook on it yet. When he got finished putting the hook on my line he told me to be carefull when I baited it cuz he just dropped the hook and didnt want me to get hurt. I slowly ran my hand down the line to find my engagement ring! I just stared at him until he looked at me. After a couple of moments, he looked and I said "Thats not a hook". He got down on his knees and asked me to marry Him. A lot of people think this is sooo redneck of him, but he is a farmer and that is why i fell in love with him. I dont think i would have been satisfied if he had done it differently.

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    That is very sweet my fiance was going to take me fishing on our four year and put it in my new tackle box he just bought me but couldn't wait so he did it the day he bought the ring. Congrats.
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