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Almost Slept Through It!

One night, after we had gone out to dinner at a restraunt that we had both grown up going to, he said that he was going to go over to his parents house for a while and that I should go on to bed if I was tired.  It was already getting really late and I thought that he would probaly be a while once he got talking to his dad, so I kissed him and said good night.He came home at about 3:00 in the moring and turned on the light (ouch!) and said that he needed to show me something.  I rolled over and tried to open my eyes a little and he knelt down next to the bed and started explaining to me about how the ring that his father had given his mother had been the one that his grandfather had given his grandmother and that his parents had told him when we first got together not to buy a ring because he had one.  Then he pulled out and opened a box to show me a beautiful ring that we have since found out the setting is from around 1920 and the diamond from about 1950.He looked up and asked "You will of course marry me won't you?" and I sleepily replied "I kind of thought that was the plan".  He closed the box, set it on his dresser and crawled in bed, so I thought that he was just checking and would propose for real later.A week later, he had me "try it on" to see if see if it was going to need to be sized.  it was loose on my ring finger, and would even go on my thumb, so I was playing around with it on other fingers isnce I didn't think it was mine to wear yet.  Ben looked at me and said "aren't you going to put that on the right finger?" and I said "but you haven't asked me to marry you!" and the he said that he had a week agao!It took us 13 years to end up together, and than took me a week to figure out we would be forever.  I'm glad that I answerd right!

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    That's funny, and cute. That's something I would do! So you two are married now?
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    Yes, we have been married for a littel over a month now.  It cracks us up how often people ask us how married life is - we love it!  Nothing really has changed except we are looking for a house and not stressed out with wedding plans.
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